Monday, 09 August 2021 02:00

"Guanaco To English" joins MIDES to undertake clean-up campaigns

Written by Dinero Staff

Since yesterday, the artistic character of the illustrated dictionary "Guanaco To English" joined the solid waste collection company, MIDES, to start cleaning campaigns in different parts of the department of San Salvador.

Vacations are a time to enjoy, but it is also known that many people do not take care to dispose of waste where it belongs and then end up in the sewers, which has led to great havoc in many cities.

"In these vacations, we are going to go to a clean up the city with my brothers from MIDES," posted the recognized character.

"Since early we worked with the 'macizos' (MIDES staff) in different points of San Salvador because a clean country is health" he said, telling his followers about the different points where the days will take place.

It should be noted that, in El Salvador, MIDES is the company specialized in the treatment of solid waste, under certification and control standards that contribute to proper waste management, focused on minimizing environmental impacts in the country.

"In MIDES, we are trained to receive different types of waste, since we have the technology, the best personnel and knowledge to give them the correct treatment before their final disposal", said the company.