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The B Lab and the UN Global Compact launch new web-based impact management tool to achieve ODS

Written by Sandy Velasco

A new technology tool will help companies improve their progress on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDAs). Created by the B Lab and the UN Global Compact, the SDG Action Manager will enable companies of all sizes around the world to improve their progress towards meeting these goals.

Ten years before the deadline for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, a new web-based impact management tool has been launched for businesses worldwide.

The SDG Action Manager, available in five languages, will help companies of all sizes and from any country in the world take meaningful action to achieve the ODS and track their progress.

This tool developed by B Lab and the UN Global Compact brings together the B Lab Impact Assessment B, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in order to promote positive corporate performance through self-assessment, standard-setting, and improvement initiatives.

Elisa Patiño, executive director of Sistema B Central America and the Caribbean, said: "We are making this call, knowing that the business sector can and must be the protagonist in the implementation of Agenda 2030".

How does it work?

The web application, which is also available in Spanish, has a series of questions for each of the Sustainable Development Objectives, which the company completes according to its progress in meeting each Objective. The tool has a control panel for historical data, performance reports and recommendations for improvement.

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The SDG Action Manager, freely accessible to businesses worldwide, was created through the work and input of a wide range of stakeholders, including corporate sustainability experts, civil society, the United Nations and academia, and it is inspired by the work of Certified B Corporations and UN Global Compact companies.

Its development was made possible by the generous contributions of the following entities: The United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID), the Generation Foundation, Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Emmanuel Faber as an individual donor, the Bill &amp Foundation; Melinda Gates, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Skoll Foundation.

Latin American and Caribbean companies must be involved to lead a transformation that goes beyond adapting traditional practices to ODS, to rethink business models, and encourage action through a collective voice.

The SDG Action Manager is a tool that allows them to find a starting point, understand and measure its impact and finally, set goals and monitor improvements related to the challenges of humanity for this decade.

Andrew Kassoy, co-founder and CEO of B Lab Global: "Changing the role of business in society has always been a fundamental pillar of B Lab's vision. And now, 10 years before the deadline of the Development Agenda Sustainable by 2030 the role of business is not limited to achieving ODS, but it must lead by example”, he said.

The SDG Action Manager is a unique tool that helps companies to take action, improve their performance in a sustained manner and ultimately become an agent of positive change.


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