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Samsung surprises with new audio experience for the home

Written by Cindy Moreno

The Soundbars, is the novelty of the moment that brings Samsung Electronics in the area of sound reproduction in the entertainment of salvadoran families.

These equipments allow to give the final and perfect touch to the immersive experience that offers the company's big screen TVs.

Samsung's "Q-Symphony" function now allows for joint playback once the soundbar is paired with a television. With its ability to produce rich, immersive sound from both the TV and the soundbar speakers, Q-Symphony received the "Best in Innovation" award at CES 2020.

Until recently, the simultaneous use of speakers and soundbars from conventional TVs could cause audio playback to be out of sync with the scenes being played on the screen, which meant that the TV speakers had to be muted when a soundbar was used.

However, Samsung's QLED 2020 TVs are equipped with superior speakers, allowing the TV's speakers to be used simultaneously with the soundbar. In addition, Q-Symphony technology has unlocked compatibility between the Q80T 2020 TVs (which include the sound on the move feature for 55-inch and wider models) and the Q 2020 Series soundbars.

The idea of the Q-Symphony resource was based on the desire to provide higher quality surround sound by using the TV's superior speaker in combination with a soundbar, and to make this hybrid solution a reality, the sounds from the TV's speakers and the soundbar had to be synchronized in terms of time, and volume.

Furthermore, with this latest technology, the respective functions of the TV speaker and the soundbar have been clearly distinguished to allow better harmonization of sounds: while the soundbar offers primary sounds like human voices, the upper speaker offers the ambient sound effects. In this way, the two devices avoid interfering with each other and provide a richer sound experience.

The main current sound specifications for a home theater system are a 9.1.4 channel configuration, which would normally require a total of 14 speakers.

However, the Q Series 2020 top-of-the-line HW-Q950T soundbar is capable of delivering these excellent channel specifications with only four speakers.

With the wide channel functionality, users can benefit from sound output from a large number of different angles, and a more complete audio experience. This effect also provides a wider sense of realism and, by adding vitality to the movements on the screen, ensures a better experience when watching content such as concerts, music shows, and movies.

Representing the next stage in the progression of the HW-Q90R soundbar, the 9.1.4 channel soundbar HW-Q950T, mentioned above, features two wide channels that deliver sound at 60° angles to each side of the center.

To provide a more complete sound, the speakers on the far right and left, which provide the surround sound, have been moved to the edges of the soundbar.

In addition, two additional speakers have been incorporated that are oriented at an optimized angle for wide channel functionality in the left, and right positions.


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