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Replay, revolutionizes the gaming ecosystem in Central America

Written by Dinero Staff

Replay -The Gaming Experience- is a pioneering platform for organizing online video game events and content with a presence throughout Central America, created for both amateur and professional gamers, and spectators.

It was born with the purpose of strengthening the gaming ecosystem at a regional level, seeking interaction, exposure and export of the talent of local players, undertaking the challenge of uniting and supporting the potential of the Central American community in the map of gaming, which until now has been led by other markets outside the region.

Users will have free access to https://replaygg.com/, where they will enjoy the most competitive games and original content on gaming strategies and news.

One of the bets with great expectation is the weekly program "Replay News Show" that will be transmitted through its social networks on Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. (Central American time), where the audience will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Central American gamers, and special guests, while learning about the latest developments in eSports and gaming.

Among the benefits offered by Replay is that the user will have more playing time available per event, compared to what is offered by other international platforms. In addition, it has the technical advantage of being a Central American platform that maintains balance in the "ping", balancing the playing conditions for all participants.

Replay seeks to be the largest casual and professional reference in the region, including within its catalog of competitions the most popular games: Call of Duty in its Mobile and Modern Warfare versions, Fortnite and Fifa 20.

A battle to be the best: the Game On Festival

From November 25th, as part of the welcome actions to the platform, Replay starts at a regional level with the Game On Festival, which will have three categories of competitions -mini games, main events and pro invitational-, aimed at casual and professional players from Central American countries.

Registration is free and participants will have the chance to win various cash prizes from the USD 10,000 prize (total prize ), during the competitions and in the live transmissions of the events.

For more information on the platform and competition schedules, you can access their social networks:





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