Sunday, 27 March 2022 19:07

Your Samsung Smart TV connects easily and simply to other devices for more and better enjoyment

Written by Evelyn Alas

Encouraged by the changes imposed by the pandemic since 2020 and the mobility restrictions that came with it, the trend of doing more life at home than outside it, has led to changes in your habits of use in domestic equipment and surely the TV has had a particular role in your new dynamics of work, entertainment, study and online communication.  

Samsung Electronics is well aware of this progressive change you have experienced in front of the TV, because through successive creations and formidable innovations it has offered you its vision of the smart TV you need to satisfy your aspiration to be better and more connected with the content you consume, enjoy, produce and share.

The Samsung Smart TV family can do a lot for you, because it not only fulfills the functions of any smart TV: 1) You watch the programs, movies, series and other content you want, 2) You browse all that virtual and diverse ocean that the Internet has, 3) You play when you dare to measure your online competitiveness and 4) You activate and take advantage of the entire universe of applications that the market offers you.   In addition to all this, which is a lot, it gives you functions that increase your comfort: at the same time you can activate other devices such as your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, link them and thus activate with fluidity and ease an interconnection between these and your Samsung Smart TV.   Take a walk below through this gallery of special functions it offers you and you will see that it is an ally of your daily well-being at home.

Bigger screen for your video conferencing

To have an effective online connection experience for various work or study activities from home, it is very easy to connect and integrate your smartphones and laptops to your Samsung Smart TV. It is more comfortable and convenient to do it from a larger screen than your phone or tablet. So, for example, it will be easier to see the details of a statistical table, a graph or a technical diagram.

There are several ways to take advantage of your TV for video conferencing. If you want to do this by connecting your Samsung laptop, you simply use the Wi-Fi network and activate the FN + F4 driver. When the message "Connect to wireless device" appears, you immediately identify your TV and link it.   Another way is to do it with your smartphone using the Smart View function. With compatible Samsung smartphones, simply tap the SmartView button and complete the setup. With other smartphones, it can be accomplished using the SmartThings app.

From your phone to your TV screen

With the Tap View feature, you can view content from your phone on the Samsung Smart TV.   To activate it, there must be compatibility between the devices and simple configuration settings. All you have to do is have your smartphone touch a spot on the side of the TV and you will immediately be able to see the content you have on the screen, be it photos and videos, as well as access your favorite social networks. This feature is great when you want to continue watching some content, going from one device to your Smart TV.   For example, if you are in a place other than your home and they are watching a movie, video or Instagram live stream on your phone, when you return you can continue watching the stream on the TV screen by activating Tap View. And just with a simple tap.

Two content on the same screen

On Samsung's compatible 4K and 8K QLED Smart TVs, the Multi View feature lets you split the screen image in two, so you'll see the TV content on one side and your smartphone content on the other. For example, on one half of the screen you can watch the open signal channel, cable or satellite, or a video game and, on the other, one of your social network accounts, browse an Internet portal and even chat with a gamers while your favorite game is in progress. The function is so flexible that you can adjust the volume of each of the screens separately and change their positions.   To activate it, just use the Tap View function.

Single remote control

Another attribute that will make you happy is the single control operation of your Smart TV (either the QLED or the Crystal UHD) and other devices that are connected. One Remote is a universal remote command that features support for both manual and voice command operation. In addition to replacing several controls, which means a very appreciable advantage for those who like order and simplicity at home, it allows you to activate smart functions of various devices. Using automatic recognition technology, it identifies the equipment connected to your Samsung TV and even offers you the function of navigating between them. Forget about guessing which remote control to activate among all those that obey separately to each device in your living room. Just one will make your home life easier.

Soundbar for total immersion

For the greatest enjoyment of its functions, your Smart TV makes a perfect team with Samsung sound bars.   The sound quality obtained with this technology translates into a more immersive and realistic experience, which elevates your satisfaction when watching movies, programs and series, you are competing in a video game or you are in a video conference.   The South Korean brand has designed these bars with innovative technology that includes synchronized power on with your TV or game console.   Pairing is simple to achieve with the Bluetooth function of your TV.

Undoubtedly, the technology of your Samsung Smart TV meets your aspiration to enjoy a smooth, simple, practical and, especially, connected with the content that you and your family want to share and receive from the comfort of your home.