Wednesday, 19 January 2022 20:17

Six apps in the AppGallery to encourage learning in your children

Written by Evelyn Alas

HUAWEI's commitment is to provide its users with a technological ecosystem that meets the routine needs of the whole family, including educational needs. The HUAWEI AppGallery app store is one of the nodes of this technological system that aims to meet part of this need, especially in this virtual and mostly blended learning back to school.

Today, HUAWEI shares with us some tools that can help both parents and students to learn more and make the most of their devices: HUAWEI smartphones and tablets. Among them are:


An AppGallery exclusive app with 799 thousand installs on AppGallery and suitable for children over 3 years old. Paint4u has coloring pictures suitable for all tastes and ages. It is an anti-stress and also educational app for children as it helps them to concentrate and recognize numbers and colors. You just need to color with the correct numbers located in the drawing and you get a masterpiece to share.

A perfect app to use with the MatePad 10.4 and the HUAWEI M-Pencil, devices made for those who love creativity. You can also install it on the MatePad T10, MatePad T8 and your HUAWEI Y series smartphone.


With over 10 million installs on AppGallery and suitable for children over 3 years old, this app is made for developing games with fun learning quizzes. Each user can complete the challenges at their own pace, study with flashcards or other study methods. Live kahoots can also be shared with classmates or with children at home.

The application is free for teachers and students. Optional upgrades offer each user advanced features and libraries of questions, puzzles, polls and slides.

It is also available in AppGallery for HUAWEI MatePad series tablets and HUAWEI Y series smartphones.

Microsoft Math Solver

Available in English and with over one million installs on AppGallery, Math Solver is an app that offers help for a variety of math problems from arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and more. It is supported by Artificial Intelligence.

This app is very useful for mathematical case problems where students need to corroborate that their mathematical approaches are correct.

The app provides step-by-step explanations and graphs to better understand the process and resolution, and combines the functions of scientific calculator, scanner and many more.

This app is perfect for advanced level students.


This is one of the most popular online training platforms also available as an app for HUAWEI smartphones and tablets. By installing this free app, Crehana offers you the first online courses for free. Find more than 700 courses available taught by more than 300 teachers in categories such as marketing, illustration, business, photography, graphic design, audiovisual editing, crafts and more.

Subsequently, Crehana offers membership plans that adapt to your ability to pay. To date, it has 220 thousand installations in AppGallery.


This application can be very useful for your young children. Through it they will be able to instantly identify any type of plants, flowers and fungi thanks to its wide botanical database. Just take a picture of the plant or tree and the algorithm recognizes the species and provides information such as scientific name, locations and much more.

Developed by, PlantSnap becomes a safe tool to search and learn about botany.

RAE and ASALE dictionary

The official application of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and the Association of Spanish Language Academies (ASALE) offers through this app the latest edition of the Dictionary of the Spanish Language. It will help your children to search safely and solve their doubts about the meanings or explanations of specific concepts with countless meanings. They can also learn the spelling and grammatical characteristics of each word.

It also provides examples of the application of each word to understand its meaning in context. The app also provides direct access to the conjugation of verbs in all tenses and verb modes of Spanish, which will be very useful for your children at home.