Friday, 17 December 2021 17:58

HUAWEI to close 2021 with 35% yield and latest MateBooks release

Written by Evelyn Alas

Two years of pandemic for many salvadoran companies meant the year of reinvention and taking on new ways of doing business. For HUAWEI it meant a year of great results.

In these two years of pandemic, salvadorans were much more allied to technology and changed their traditional habits to make them more automated, HUAWEI took advantage of this behavior and managed to launch different devices that today are the daily accessory of salvadorans.

This strategic advantage that HUAWEI boldly took leads it to close this 2021 with a 35% growth compared to last year, being the wearables category the most consumed, that is to say 87% growth. However, laptops were the main ally of the pandemic to adapt to work, study and entrepreneurship.

That is why HUAWEI decided to close the year with a bet on laptops, not only because they are modern and attractive devices, but also because they generate an advantage for remote work and comfortable mobilization to continue with the daily routine.

HUAWEI today reinforces its commitment to salvadorans and further positions its MateBook D14, MateBook D15 and MateBook X series of laptops.

"Many people who have had an experience with our laptops asked us at the points of sale about our new line up, and that speaks very well of the performance that our equipment has had", said Mauro Salimbena, Devices Sales Manager of HUAWE! El Salvador.

"Finally in November of this year we were able to please those customers with the entry into the market of 4 different MateBook models. Despite the fact that we are not a brand that plays strongly within this category, sales have exceeded expectations and we are working with our business partners on an even more robust january supply than expected".

Specifically, new for 2021 in the MateBook D lineup is the addition of 10th generation Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 processors that add greater performance for the multitasking that every type of user requires.

Reasons to purchase the new MateBook line: Long battery life of between 10 to 12 hours Security and privacy with the incorporation of a retractable camera on the keyboard and a power button that works with the fingerprint. - FullView screen: bezels for better utilization and a narrower display frame incorporating Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 processors of 10th generation that guarantee the operation of multiple tasks without delay.

Since its introduction to the salvadoran market, "the HUAWEI MateBooks have been sought by customers for several attractive features, among them, the Full View screen, narrow bezels, the power button with fingerprint sensor, retractable camera on keyboard, the polished metal finish and its ability to capture WiFi 6 signal", said Salimbena.

The HUAWEI MateBook X, meanwhile, is designed for those who demand an even higher level of performance and work capacity. This laptop can be used by creatives who love audio, video or graphics editing, gamers or those who want a more sophisticated equipment.

This laptop features a 13.9-inch, 3,000 x 2,000 pixel resolution 3K touchscreen display, a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card. To add to the premium experience, the MateBook X offers quality surround sound thanks to its powerful quad speakers, woofers with deep and resonant bass, and tweeters with clear treble.

The MateBook X also features a one-touch, fingerprint WOH power button. It is so thin (only 0.57 inches) and weighs approximately 2.9 pounds.

Additional benefits for the purchase of the MateBook D and MateBook X lineup

With this new launch, HUAWEI invites salvadorans to choose a MateBook as their next laptop option. Both the MateBook D14, MateBook D15 and MateBook X meet the requirements for each type of user and for each type of demands.

In this regard, Mauro Salimbena, Devices Sales Manager of HUAWEI EI Salvador, also commented that HUAWEI currently has several alliances and gifts for customers who purchase their MateBook in december.

"We have discounts on our prices with our business partners, Siman, La Curacao and Radioshack, so that customers can take advantage of them this Christmas season. The discounts are up to 30% off the regular price", Salimbena detailed.

In addition, HUAWEI has established alliances with Microsoft, thanks to which each user who buys a MateBook in Siman gets 1 year of Office 365 personal license.

In addition, for the purchase of a MateBook at Siman, customers can get a HUAWEI AX3 WiFi 6, dual or quad core router at an incredible price, a device that complemented with a MateBook, allows a greater signal pickup "wall-breaker" that ensures stable connectivity of devices at home.

In addition, for the purchase of any MateBook laptop at any of the above mentioned retailers, HUAWEI has prepared free gifts valued at US$100. Coming in 2022

For next year, HUAWEI plans to continue its positioning strategy in more technological devices that make up the HUAWEI digital ecosystem. That is why, for next year, HUAWEI plans to bring to El Salvador the Huawei Sound Joy, the Freebuds 4 (Hero) and new GT3 smartwatch series, 3 new LTE tablets, and the new Matebook 14 (Kelvin) laptop with Intel 11a, generation.

Regarding smartphones in the first half of the year, HUAWEI expects to launch 2 new models: the Nova Y60 and Nova 8i.

For more information about the MateBook D14, MateBook D15, MateBook X and other HUAWEI devices, ask for them at authorized distributors or WhatsApp 7039-2813. For more news, you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook as HUAWEI Mobile CA.