Thursday, 09 December 2021 15:49

BID Lab and Kodigo graduate the first class of the programming bootcamp in El Salvador

Written by Evelyn Alas

IDB Lab, the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB), and the creative technology academy Kodigo have graduated the first 48 participants in the intensive software development training program "Kod1ficando para Mejorar Vidas" the first bootcamp for intensive training in technological and digital skills to be developed entirely in El Salvador.

In the two years that the program will last, a total of 1,500 people in vulnerable situations, especially women, young people from the interior of the country and returnees, are expected to be trained in a sector of high labor demand.

"Kod1ficando para Mejorar Vidas" places emphasis on ensuring that 80% of the graduates obtain a specialized job within three months of graduation. To this end, it contemplates an employability strategy that includes agreements with companies operating in the country with which to strengthen, in parallel, the local technology industry.

"Kodifying to improve lives" project implemented by IDB Lab in partnership with the Fundación Kodigo, plays a key role in the development of digital skills of salvadorans, mainly women, young people and returned migrants.

Promoting greater inclusion through this innovative training proposal is a way to advance the IDB Group's Vision 2025 by addressing such fundamental issues for our region as the digital economy, the gender gap and diversity", said Cesar Falconi, IDB representative in El Salvador.

"Rapid technological change requires building new capacities. IDB Lab, through models such as this bootcamp in partnership with Kodigo, fosters the acquisition of new skills that lead to higher quality job opportunities, especially in emerging industries", said Irene Arias, CEO of IDB Lab.

The program offers two virtual modalities that extend over three to six months and are designed according to the participants' previous knowledge. Along with technical specialization, both bootcamps include training in skills such as leadership and English, and lead to a Scrum Developer certification after passing a final exam. Participants incur no cost until they obtain, after their training, a job in the technology sector.

"We are working with a scheme that has multiple benefits for young people, but also for the industry, as talent is trained in the areas it requires, thus allowing the industry to grow and generate benefits for the economy and society as a whole", said Fernando Kriete, founder and CEO of

Those interested in participating in this accelerated training program can register at