Thursday, 25 March 2021 07:42

Huawei has the largest 5G market in the world

Written by Marcos Ramos

The chinese telecommunications and technology giant, Huawei, has become the benchmark in the development of patents for 5G technology worldwide. This position of Huawei is the result of its leadership in the race to try to dominate the market for next-generation technologies, in this case 5G.

According to the ranking of global patents for 5G technology prepared by the IPlytics site, the chinese giant Huawei is the leading firm in the sector in patents, which represent more than 15% of active patents worldwide, according to data from the consulting firm covering the period up to February 2021.

To obtain these patents, a rigorous process must be passed and the list can be updated as soon as new patents are registered by other brands. The paper pointed out those patents can take years from application to grant, so the rankings compiled by IPlytics are the culmination of R&D (research and development) work by companies.

Huawei tops the global rankings for the most 5G applications overall. The performance comes against a backdrop of high demand, and a large field of powerful competitors from the United States, South Korea and Europe.

"Being a leader in patents for 5G technology is no accident. Huawei invests in Research and Development about 15% of its total revenue, an area in which about 45% of its employees globally are engaged" said Juan Bonora, Public Relations director of Huawei Argentina.

"This strong investment brings more advanced technological solutions compared to the industry average in order to offer the best solutions for our customers", explained Bonora.

Huawei currently ranks second in the world in terms of marketing of cell phones so it is expected that their new devices integrate 5G technology very soon, and thus facilitate the expansion of this technology. In addition, it has fourteen research and development centers worldwide in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, China.


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