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HP launches 'HP Amplify Impact' sustainable impact program for partners

Written by Dinero Staff

HP Inc. introduced HP Amplify Impact, an industry-first partner assessment, resourcing and training program aimed at driving meaningful change through its three pillars of Sustainable Impact: planet, with an emphasis on climate change; people, with an emphasis on human rights and social justice; and community, with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide.

Partners who commit to joining the HP Amplify Impact program will work with HP to assess their own practices, while leveraging the company's major investments, and initiatives.

"Our goal is to work with our partners to help drive a more circular and low-carbon economy, cultivate a more diverse, equitable and inclusive supply chain, and improve the vitality and resilience of local communities", said Christoph Schell, chief commercial officer, HP.

Creating an ecosystem of responsibility

The HP Amplify Impact program helps empower partners to set bold, long-term goals that drive positive impact. HP aims to enroll at least half of its HP Amplify partners in the voluntary impact program by 2025.

Participating partners will be recognized through certification and an annual awards program. The program's mission is to drive accountability across the IT industry through the following key pillars:

  • Planet: To drive a circular, net-zero carbon, fully regenerative economy while creating the industry's most sustainable portfolio of technology, services and solutions.
  • People: Respect human rights, enable people to thrive throughout the value chain, and cultivate a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) through initiatives such as the HP Racial Equality and Social Justice Task Force.
  • Community: Strengthening communities through the power of technology. Helping bridge the digital divide that prevents many people from accessing the education, jobs and health care needed to thrive.

Sustainable impact: A business imperative

As outlined in HP's annual Sustainable Impact Report, a commitment to sustainable impact is not only the right thing to do, it's also good for business. In 2020, Sustainable Impact helped HP earn more than $1 billion in new sales1-a testament to the high-performance, purpose-driven culture that unites HP's ecosystem, and global partner community.

It also demonstrates the changing role of corporations in society. HP is committed to creating value for its shareholders while building a brighter future for all stakeholders. As a result of decades of working on sustainability-driven goals to create positive change, HP is recognized as one of the world's most sustainable companies, and is prepared to support the HP Amplify partner community with the resources necessary to identify potential gaps and provide the guidance required to achieve partner goals.

A flexible path for HP Amplify Partners

All HP Amplify partners can access HP's world-class resources for sustainable impact, regardless of where they are on their path to a more sustainable world. HP will offer all HP Amplify partners access to training, sales tools, marketing assets, as well as the Sustainability and Compliance Center (SCC), HP LIFE and HP Planet Partners. In addition, HP will work closely with partners in select countries during the initial launch of two distinct tracks:

  • Catalyst Members: Catalyst members who take the HP Amplify Impact pledge will participate in a sustainability assessment, and report on sales opportunities. The initial launch includes 19 countries: USA, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Philippines, India, Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Africa and Australia.
  • Change Agent Members: The Change Agent Member pathway is optimized to assist those who do not yet have a sustainability plan in place, and who are committed to investing in one. HP will work closely with and support change agent members in developing a long-term sustainability plan that will put them on the path to being recognized as companies focused on creating positive change. The initial launch includes 7 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and some U.S. partners.
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