Wednesday, 31 March 2021 19:46

Comfort, innovation and free time with Samsung's new JetStick and PowerBot

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

As part of the daily cleaning routine at home and for those who always want to have a neat, tidy and comfortable home, with a nice appearance and without leaving aside the hygiene and health of the people who live there.

For this reason it is important to ensure that your home complies with good hygiene, for example: having adequate appliances, among other important factors.

As part of the most frequent dilemmas that you have at the time of cleaning are usually those interior spaces, which are difficult to reach there accumulates a lot of dust and this occupies almost every corner of the home as in the furniture, floors, curtains and more that are annoying to the home environment.

To avoid these annoyances comes the new and versatile JetStick vacuum cleaner, a vertical and wireless model to work on wood, tiles, tiles and carpets, among other surfaces, which favors the comfort and health at home, Samsung offers you equipment to have an unprecedented cleaning experience in every corner of the home.

The JetStick filters the air in a multi-cyclonic way to instantly trap dust particles, with a power of up to 200W, retains dust through a five-layer HEPA filtration system, and then expels the air completely clean.

This device works with a battery that lasts 60 minutes on a full charge. Moreover, it is a replaceable power source, because if you have a spare battery, you can use it without interrupting your grooming day with 120 minutes of power.

As for the way it operates, you can control the vacuum cleaner remotely even if you are not at home, through the Wi-Fi control built into the device and an app you installs on your smartphone. The fact that you can turn it on or off, tell it operating times and adjust other commands, is an added value that redounds to your comfort and the availability of time to perform other activities, while your robot vacuum cleaner fulfills your cleaning errand.

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