Wednesday, 25 November 2020 07:46

Alcatel TKEE Mini is the perfect ally for home entertainment

Written by Cindy Moreno

Alcatel, TCL Communication's device brand, offers a range of tablets for all needs and tastes.

Alcatel equipment combines quality, power and speed at affordable costs. Recently the brand presented to the market its Alcatel TKEE Mini tablet.

Designed to stimulate the learning of children, with the Google Assistant the user will be able to install fun applications where they have a superior selection of games and interactive books for different ages.

The Alcatel TKEE Mini tablet brings the parental control system to filter websites, set usage limits and review the history of applications used by children, so they can use their tablet safely. In addition, it allows multiple customized profiles for all children in the house.

Its colorful and attractive design with protective cover of soft and rounded corners gives the children more freedom to take their tablet in all their adventures.

The tablet is also tested to withstand over a thousand falls from heights of up to 40 inches.

The TKEE Mini tablets feature the Eye Care system, which reduces blue light for the rest of the eyes. It has alarms so that you can take your time without seeing the screen and allows you to monitor the time of use of the tablet. It also has alarms to warn you if you are too close to the screen, helping you with your posture as well.

You can find the Alcatel TKEE Mini tablet from USD. 89.00 at the following stores: Selectos Móvil, Walmart, and other authorized distributors.

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