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WALMART has invested more than US$500,000 in different social causes in El Salvador

Written by Dinero Staff

Walmart, a company committed to CSR programs, made a consolidated report on the fulfillment of its vision of contributing to improve the living conditions of Central American families.

Walmart's CSR programs are promoted under the Shared Value strategy, which has 3 pillars: opportunity, sustainability and community. For the development of these programs alone in 2020, Walmart invested more than $500,000 dollars, benefiting 70,585 salvadorans. In the last 10 years Walmart has invested US$3,380,059.24 in social causes, benefiting 863,821 salvadorans.

The main social investment programs that Walmart develops through its Shared Value strategy are:

Tierra Fértil Program

For Walmart, the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs is one of the pillars of its social investment programs, which is why, as part of its Shared Value strategy, it promotes the Tierra Fértil program that seeks to develop the country's farmers.

Last year Walmart began implementing the "Technology Application" program, in which $40,000 was invested to benefit 144 small producers in the municipality of San Ignacio, in the department of Chalatenango and in the municipality of Nahuizalco in the department of Sonsonate. The program sought to solve the production limitations that arise in the production of vegetables during the rainy season, in the highlands, through the implementation of controlled environments such as macro tunnels. Thanks to this program, Walmart was able not only to maintain the project during the pandemic, but also to supply the chain's stores.

Sixty percent of the fruits and vegetables that the chain sells in its stores come from salvadoran farmers. Last year, Walmart purchased more than US$5 million from salvadoran farmers.

Una Mano para Crecer Program

This program benefits micro, small and medium-sized local manufacturers, with the aim of developing them and making them grow. It currently benefits more than 447 SME suppliers in Central America. Despite the pandemic, in 2020 Walmart's purchases from SMEs totaled around US$5.5 million, which represented a 28% growth compared to 2019, mainly in food, personal care and textile products, helping to promote local production, improve income and quality of life for entrepreneurs, their families and their communities.

As part of the support, last year Walmart executed the program: Business Transformation for the Digital Era, aimed at 15 SMEs, developing topics such as: Databases, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, among others. This program had an investment of $15,000.00 and was carried out in partnership with Voces Vitales El Salvador.

"At Walmart we are convinced that SMEs represent an engine of development for the revitalization of the economy of El Salvador, so we have implemented these programs to support salvadoran SMEs through its business relationship with Walmart", said Claudia de Ibañez, Walmart's Deputy Regional Director of Growth Support.

Support for the Food Bank program

Walmart is one of the founding partners and main donor of the Food Bank Program, administered in El Salvador by the Asociación Civil Alimentos Solidarios.

Since 2013, Walmart has donated a total of US$1,791,524 which is equivalent to 1,651,897 lbs for the benefit of 13,960 salvadoran families.

Last year, Walmart donated $390,671.98 to the Food Bank, benefiting different organizations and institutions served by the bank.

Other donations to the Food Bank have been: The contribution of US$50,000 for the Construction of the Food Bank's Warehouse and US$10,000 for a pick up to facilitate the logistics of collecting donations.


Since 2005, particularly in the area of sustainability, the company has sought to work with the environment by developing sustainability initiatives with associates, customers, suppliers, authorities, and the community. Walmart has clear goals to be environmentally sustainable:

  • To be supplied 100% by renewable energy (The conversion of outdoor lighting to LED system in all stores in Central America), involves savings of more than 50% in energy, maintenance savings and improves 42% light intensity
  • Produce zero waste
  • Achieve efficient use and appropriate treatment of potable and waste water
  • Sell products that preserve resources and the environment

Donations during the pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Walmart has contributed with various donations to the salvadoran population. Among them, the donation of basic food basket products and hygiene kits to institutions such as the Secretary of Commerce, the Food Bank, the Ministries of Tourism and Labor, and the Mayors' Offices of San Salvador, and Santa Tecla.

These food donations were also given to shelters during the AMANDA and ETA storms.

Among other actions is the contribution of Hygiene Kits for the benefit of the personnel of the Sindicato de Médicos Trabajadores del ISSS, the Salvadoran Red Cross, and the Crisálida Foundation's Health Personnel Support Program.

As part of the support during the pandemic, Walmart donated 100 partitions to the Benjamín Bloom Hospital to reactivate the Outpatient Service for the benefit of 18,000 children who attend medical attention every month.

In total, Walmart has donated more than US$268,000 during the pandemic to benefit 17,300 salvadorans.

Walmart will continue to invest in its Shared Value Strategy in support of its suppliers in the Tierra Fértil and Una Mano para Crecer programs, will strengthen its support for the Food Bank Program in El Salvador, and will also work on new strategies to facilitate virtual volunteering.

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