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This 2018, Texaco educationally supported young salvadorans

Written by Dinero
This 2018, Texaco educationally supported young salvadorans Courtesy

TEXACO together with its strategic ally Junior Achievement El Salvador, in the framework of its X edition of the Oratory Contest under the theme: “Texaco: Education and Overcoming”, continues to motivate young salvadorans to develop and achieve high academic performance, improving their quality of life, and that of their family.

TEXACO reaffirms its commitment to young salvadorans by rewarding their effort and talent in public speaking, granting them the opportunity to complete their higher education through the Oratory Contest, where with the tenth edition 90 there are inspiring stories of young people who acquired an University scholarship in the region, of which 30 are from El Salvador, the rest from Guatemala, and Honduras.


First Place US $10,000

Second Place US $6,000

Third Place US $4,000

7 finalists US $ 1,000 for each finalist

Laptops: 10 delivered to the best speakers

Last August the ten finalists were given a laptop, and of those finalists, the first three places were awarded scholarships for their university studies, and the other 7 were given US $1,000.00 each.

Additionally, a prize of US $ 10,000 was awarded to the school institution of the winner of the 1st. place of the contest to invest in educational projects, and remodeling.

For the manager of TEXACO El Salvador, Engineer, Carlos Reyes, his corporate responsibility is to put into practice, every day, the values of the company's philosophy, with education being the key to the development of the country.

The executive director of Junior Achievement El Salvador, Ricardo Monterroza reported that: “The work that the organization performs together with TEXACO in public schools nationwide has given young people the opportunity to access education, with 10 years to promote training in talented young salvadorans in the Speech Competition. El Salvador already has 30 beneficiaries, of whom 6 are graduates of recognized universities in the country”.

In this 2018 the impact of the program was expanded to more than 95 public educational institutions, directly benefiting 12,300 students and more than 25,625 indirect people who represent the educational community, their families, and their environment.

This initiative also has the support of the Ministry of Education which provides the opening to more than 250 Educational Centers of the public network, in the three zones of the country.

Since 2009, TEXACO has executed this project simultaneously in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, in a strategic alliance with Junior Achievement, the largest organization in the world dedicated to educating students in the areas of labor insertion, entrepreneurship, and financial education.

In the final stage of the tenth edition of the Oratory Contest, the ten best speakers in the country presented their speeches on the importance of education, and improvement, before a distinguished jury and being qualified under various criteria such as expression, message, body language, and oral, among others.

TEXACO, as part of the celebration of its tenth anniversary, will continue to inject energy into more schools in the country’s public network, betting on sustainable social impact initiatives that contribute to comprehensive training, and access to opportunities that transform the quality of life of the communities, children, young people, and many salvadoran families.