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Monday, 30 April 2018 14:45

Get to know one of the companies in which the young people most want to work

Written by Dinero
The director of human resources of Unilever for the region, Alejandra Figueredo. The director of human resources of Unilever for the region, Alejandra Figueredo. Courtesy

The fifth edition of the survey called “Carrera de los sueños” was prepared by the regional company Joven360, dedicated to the development of the labor market. This has placed Unilever as one of the best companies with which young people dream of being part of, attracted by their leadership practices, job promotion, and their market vision based on the company name.


The survey is considered the largest in the region in the matter, and it is intended to provide companies with inputs to integrate new generations into organizational cultures, in line with their business models. 1,200 salvadoran youth participated in the census.

Unilever was the creditor of the second place, within 10 companies recognized nationally in the survey. “This award shows that we are in the minds of young people, in terms of leadership, contribution to the community, and marketing”, the Human Resources director of Unilever for the region, Alejandra Figueredo said.

Figueredo said that Unilever does not invest in royalties, but in didactic programs adjusted to university subjects taught in El Salvador, contributing to knowledge and experiences on marketing, leadership, manufacturing, logistics, and production processes, as well as giving opportunities to young people, with experiential tours in the company’s plants in the country.

“Our brands are not just marketing, they have a business name and we work with young people to promote self-esteem, and skills”, Figueredo concluded.

The survey is part of the census called “Youth Dream Companies”, a survey conducted in the region for more than 15 years by Cia de Talentos, and NextView People, to identify the desires and behaviors of the new generations about the working market.

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