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Fundación Fe y Alegría seeks social transformation through support to the education sector in the country

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

Through the different projects carried out by the Fundación Fe y Alegría, they seek to generate a movement of popular, integral education and social promotion, which is aimed at impoverished and excluded sectors in order to promote their development in the education sector, and social participation.

Through an interview conducted by to the general director, Alejandro Calderón of Fundación Fe y Alegría, various topics were discussed, among them the projects they are implementing in order to promote formal and non-formal education in children and young people through alliances with other institutions.

To date, Fe y Alegría is working with 18 schools in the central, western and eastern part of the country benefiting around 20 thousand salvadoran youths in order to provide salvadoran children and youths with a quality education.

Currently, the Fundación Fe y Alegría is developing a variety of projects among which is: project with UNICEF called "Employability of young people" and "Migration" part of the strengths that Fe y Alegría has is the easy adaptation to the context and the reality of the country and the region, currently this foundation is in 22 countries, of which each one works on various issues according to the reality they are living.

"We are not only with the right to education, but our mission is one of popular education, comprehensive and transformative, this theme of popular education is very nice because it is not only limited to classroom or academic education, but an academic education that starts from the realities of the communities themselves, where among them arises a transformation to live with dignity", said Alejandro Calderon, general director of Fe y Alegria.

In addition, in order to continue providing these programs and adapt to the new mobility, including the "Digital Divide", which is part of the challenges that the foundation faces and the implications that affect children and young people living in the most vulnerable communities in the country.

Among one of the main challenges was the online modality, in which the foundation reiterated the support of the institutions for good practices and the issue of virtuality, part of the support they provided to the communities, in the "Connectivity Item" in which as a foundation they help with the purchase of balance, accessories, smart phone, this are included in the budgets of the projects of an approximate amount of US$5 thousand between 10% and 15% is a connectivity issue.

Fe y Alegría currently has 16 projects in operation including: employability, gender, early childhood, among others, employed in an innovative way.

As of March of this year they resumed the semi-presential modality for the projects executed in the different communities, part of the institutions that are part of the network of allies are: the Ministry of Education (MINEC), INSAFORP, Mayors' Offices, among others.  

"At this time we realized the utmost importance that education has for countries, this right to education is not only transverse in which much does not have access, one of the main problems we see is mental health, where more than 30% of the student population have anxiety principles, according to the test Avanzo by Government 2020", said, Calderon.

Part of the objective of the foundation is the social transformation of the individual and the community, for the welfare and dignity of the family in the country, which is related to the right of education to connectivity, with this they seek a transformation in the medium and long term.

Currently Fe y Alegria has supported around 300 communities in its 50 years with this they seek to strengthen the education sector.


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