The president of the Comisión Ejecutiva Portuaria Autónoma (CEPA), Nelson Vanegas, said that early next year the expansion of the Aeropuerto Internacional will start in three specific projects, one is the waiting rooms, the second is a new platform and the third it is expanding parking lots.

In El Salvador, Tigo Money registers more than 2,500 agents and more than 950,000 users, who make about two million financial transactions a month, mainly bill payment and money transfers. The system also allows donations, recharges, international remittances, among others.

Golden is a brand believes that music is a universal language that connects deeply with the emotions of people, which is why it supports the initiative of Roberto Cabezas who is a young studying a post degree in music technology in Mexico and who are looking to test his theory "Somos música" which unites science and art to try to understand what we are made through the vibration and music.

Unstoppable is one of the words that define Rio Grande Foods, and as part of the celebration of its 28th anniversary awards to successful network of distributors that certifies the award as “Mejor distribuidor”.

Dr. Kathleen M. Schmeler, of Department of Gynecologic Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, is in El Salvador to help women prevent cervical cancer, since it is the leading cause of death in women country and the world.