Affiliates of AFP Confía benefited from a workshop called “Financial Freedom”, with which the administrator intends to equip them with tools to achieve healthy personal, and family finances.

Grupo Sura, which is part ASESUISA, is part of the 317 selected from among 3,504 invited to participate this year to form the Dow Jones Sustainability index (DJSI) companies, recently published.

The importance and benefits of implementing Cleaner Production Programs and Environmental Management Systems in salvadoran companies; as well as Water Resource Management, and Water Footprint; and the Carbon Footprint, its methodology and importance for the companies, were the central topics in a technical and training seminar developed by the National Cleaner Production Center El Salvador, together with the company Alas Doradas S.A. of C.V.

Ten young people who are currently in various shelters will benefit from training and job opportunities at Banco Atlántida and AFP Confia, thanks to the partnership between Fundacion Renacer, and the institutions.

Two children and their maternal grandfather were benefited from the construction of an immediate response home, a work that was possible thanks to Banco Azteca, and Techo El Salvador.