The Teatro Luis Poma closed the 2016 season with “Fui” and “120 Kilos de Jazz” two individual that traverse the drama, and the comedy in a deep reflection on life, love and memory.

Women, men, children, survivors, and complete families celebrated the 15th edition of the AVON Walk, where all Boulevard Santa Elena dressed of Rosa as part of support to prevent the fight against breast cancer.

In order to promote a change in behavior on the roads, and contribute to road culture, to behave with respect and responsibility, the minister of Public Works, Gerson Martínez, and Carol Colorado, director of corporate relations, Industrias La Constancia participated in the delivery of child driver education kit, led by the “Por buen camino” movement.

Sanofi Pasteur, the global business unit of Sanofi vaccine, recently announced that its Dengvaxia vaccine against dengue has received approval marketing No. 11 which reveals that the vaccine against dengue continues receiving increasing support, of associations regional medical, and national.

As part of celebrating the Santa Eduvigis day, patroness who helped the poor, and a devout who founded hospices.