After 50 years, Ford continues to make history participating in various international events to show its strength.

Sanofi and its Sanofi Pasteur global vaccine unit,  announced today that the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts, SAGE on Immunization Group has issued its recommendations to OMS on the use of Sanofi Pasteur vaccine against dengue.

For the second consecutive year Internacional: Libros Y Regalos brought to our country another important figure of modern literature, it is the nicaraguan Sergio Ramirez, author of "Sara," who made his presentation in Internacional: Libros Y Regalos Multiplaza.

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 10:32

Historia de un canalla, a book to reflect

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The prestigious writer and journalist Julia Navarro launched her latest book: “Historia de un canalla” a novel with a log change that as she says represents a jump that gives her "a sense of vertigo."

The Fondo Social para la Vivienda (FSV) is committed to providing facilities tosalvadoran women to acquire a family heritage, enabling them to protect their loved ones and help them improve their quality of life.

Wednesday, 09 March 2016 12:10

New treatment to combat cigarette: NicoBloc 99

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Today there are many people who want to give up smoking but do not know or they do not know strategy to break the habit, it is best to quit smoking in“fast” way and completely forget cigarette, but the problem is that not all have "strength" to leave it this way because they know they will suffer withdrawal symptoms being these even more complicated.

The renowned peruvian author and winner, Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize for Literature published “Cinco Esquinas”, his latest book. A novel about the last years of dictatorial government of Alberto Fujimori. Cinco Esquinas is critical story of a world polluted by greed, cynicism, double standards and the violence that marked Perú the nineties.

Monday, 15 February 2016 09:45

Great start Copa Pilsener Fútbol Playa 2016

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Industrias La Constancia with the Federación Salvadoreña de Fútbol (FESFUT) announced the start of "Copa Pilsener de fútbol playa 2016”, one of the most anticipated events of the summer, to be developed from 24 to march 26 at the stadium of ISTU Costa del sol.

ATENEO EL SALVADOR cultural institution of public utility, apolitical, non-denominational, non-profit, a salvadoran national, is to rescue, preserve and promote the values ​​of national, regional and universal culture through sustained action.

Under the Congreso Nacional de Cirugía, developed in El Salvador recently, doctors from different countries including Panamá, Mexico, United States and Central America met in order to contribute their experiences in the field of surgery and expose among colleagues to enrich knowledge and get a better parameter of specific cases.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 14:50

Salvadorans received a functional prosthetic hand

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The Foundation Ellen Meadows Prosthetic hand, through the Club Rotario of San Salvador, Ciudad Merliot and Walnut Creek California, Bellaire / Southwest Houston in collaboration with the Universidad Don Bosco (UDB), Cruz Roja Salvadoreña and  Red Intelfon, delivered 100 prosthetic hand through the "Dando Esperanza, dando una mano"  program, for everyone over 5 years.

Premio Salvadoreño a la Calidad y el Reconocimiento a las mejores prácticas was born in 2010, through an executive decree that urges public institutions and private businesses to adopt a culture of quality. In the case of the award is to adopt a model of excellence, a quality culture that for the companies is more than a award, the coordinator, Gabriela Bolaños said.

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