The Business Foundation for Social Action (Fundemas) inaugurated this Monday the seventh edition of the Week of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability 2019, focused on Industry 4.0 Act Now!

The CSR and Sustainability Week is the largest networking space in the country of companies and organizations working on sustainability issues, to find out about the main social, environmental and economic challenges facing my company.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work, Holcim joined one of more than 50 companies that believe in Sustainability and Industry 4.0.

For seven years the Business Foundation for Social Action (Fundemas) conducts the Week of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, which has a different theme each year, for this 2019 focused on Industry 4.0 Act now! And Holcim was an active part of the activity.

Job fairs are being held as part of Inclusion Week focusing on attracting talent from people with special abilities.

Walmart of Mexico and Central America maintains its firm conviction that everyone can have opportunity. Within the framework of the Inclusion Week, job fairs are being held to provide opportunities for people with disabilities.

Thursday, 04 July 2019 19:24

Delsur promotes electromobility in El Salvador

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With the aim of being a more environmentally friendly company, the Distribuidora de Electricidad Delsur encourages the development of cleaner transport, and promotes electromobility in the country.

Distribuidora de Electricidad Delsur, in order to generate new environmentally responsible business opportunities and to promote the use of clean transport, has the Electromobility project as part of its sustainability strategy, presenting in 2018 the first 100% electric and non-polluting car in El Salvador.

The international consulting firm, Korn Ferry Institute, awarded 25 leading companies in the region, among these Walmart for standing out in their scores regarding their operations in various fields, in the: "Leading Companies of Central America and Dominican Republic 2019"study.

The award-winning companies obtained the highest global scores in a study conducted in more than 1,300 companies nominated by consulting firm Korn Ferry. Among the aspects evaluated by the consultant are social impact, economic impact, and achievement of goals.