Tuesday, 16 August 2022 04:12

Global Chamber, opens business opportunities to salvadoran companies

Written by Evelyn Alas

Would you stay selling only in your neighborhood if you had the means to do it in the whole department, or in the whole country? The answer is no. The same is true if you could leave the salvadoran border to reach more nations and make the exponential leap to grow.

Global Chamber came to El Salvador to offer the tools, the connections, the contacts and the platform to achieve this in a faster way and with less risk, something fundamental in these times where deciphering how to invest safely can be a headache.

With presence in more than 195 countries and in more than 525 metropolitan areas,

Global Chamber incorporates El Salvador. This is a Global Chamber, the first and only one of its kind, providing business services and connections to organizations looking to expand and do business outside their borders. It is the first chamber focused on growing cross-border trade and investment in a collaborative manner.

It achieves this by providing its members (through membership) with reliable resources, the necessary connections, and a platform to connect and engage with business leaders around the world to do business quickly, securely, and with communities they may not even have considered as potential sources of business.

With a virtual approach designed for today's business environment, Global Chamber provides the necessary contacts in more than 525 metropolitan areas around the world to create new business by engaging leaders and companies in those areas and uniting them in a global community with access, exposure and information.

Companies that join this unique Chamber and become sponsors get more connections, inductions and targeted leads; advertisements on Global Chamber's main and regional websites, informative articles from the global community; exposure on social media, blogs, Youtube, LinkedIn, among others; presentations of their products at VIP events.

"Those of us who love global business have a special connection", said Doug Bruhnke, founder and CEO of Global Chamber, "and that connection keeps us together even when we are doing business far away.

Carolina Moreira, Executive Director of Global Chamber in El Salvador, said that salvadoran companies, entrepreneurs and professionals now have a window to export their services through this ally, "the guarantee of getting to do more business is to be part of a network like Global Chamber.

However, we have all felt that pang of loneliness along the way, with comparable frustrations in a mix of cross-cultural challenges, jet lag and cross-border difficulties. We have a lot to give each other as we find ways to stay connected, as we plan to facilitate this through Global Chamber". For more information about the Global Chamber, visit http://www.globalchamber.org or call 1-888-476-9845.