Friday, 26 February 2021 19:53

Vitali Alimentos is born to nourish tomorrow's El Salvador and Guatemala

Written by Dinero Staff

Piolindo and Areca in Guatemala, Sello de Oro and Criaves in El Salvador, brands that today are united under the name of Vitali Alimentos, consolidate their more than 60 years of experience in the market and put themselves at the service of Central Americans, in the food sector with the promise of nurturing a better tomorrow.

With this renewal, the business group, which generates more than 5,500 jobs in the region, seeks to consolidate and strengthen its presence as a solid company in the food markets, with chicken and pork products, as well as solutions in animal nutrition, and genetics.

Vitali Alimentos, the new brand that brings together companies and products well known in the food sector in Central America, announced an important change in its history as an organization, presenting an evolution in its corporate identity inspired by the promise of nurturing a better tomorrow, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the countries in the region.

With more than 60 years of experience in Guatemala, El Salvador and presence in the rest of Central America, Vitali Alimentos is presented as a brand full of vitality and determined to grow in order to continue contributing to the economic reactivation of the countries of the isthmus, with the invaluable support of more than 5,500 collaborators from its different business units:

- Poultry operations in Guatemala, formerly known as Grupo PAF, which now joins Sello de Oro and Criaves in El Salvador.

- Balanced feed for animals and aquaculture, with long-established brands such as Areca, Gran Sabueso, Gana Más and in organic fertilizers, Ferticonsa.

Pablo Valdes, CEO of Vitali Alimentos, said: "Since 2014 we began a process of consolidation of our operations in Guatemala and El Salvador and today, with great pride, we present a new corporate name. We offer the Central American market our history, trajectory, experience and new identity to continue adding value through a single company strengthened, and full of vitality at the service of our customers, consumers, suppliers, investors and collaborators".

The Vitali Alimentos brand represents the union of 3 fundamental concepts in the industry that the company is part of and continues to transform: vitality, quality and food. These three attributes are an integral part of all the production and commercialization processes of its products.

"With our values of agility, passion, integrity and excellence guiding our work day by day throughout our value chain, we will continue to nurture Central Americans with a better tomorrow, growing profitably and sustainably in an increasingly dynamic market" Valdés said.

With this evolution, Vitali Alimentos starts a new path, full of renewal and vitality, uniting all its brands and companies under the support of a solid corporate brand, ratifying its commitment to the development of the region. The brand provide the best nutritional solutions in the industry.

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