Monday, 13 March 2023 15:11

ISTU projects to receive 300 thousand tourists in recreational parks during Easter Week

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Instituto Salvadoreño de Turismo (ISTU) is preparing various activities in the 15 recreational parks administered by this institution.

This was reported by the president of the ISTU, Eny Aguiñada, "prior to the vacation season, we are organizing a wide range of activities in our 15 destinations", highlighting the improvements in places like Balboa Park, where the area of picnic areas, bathrooms and court with synthetic grass is intervened.

Aguiñada said that since 2019, in all parks managed by the ISTU the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco was prohibited. These family spaces offer environments for the healthy recreation of families, part of the commitment that the institution has with its users, to maintain quality and safety in all recreational parks.

Now, the ISTU is part of the development of the Copa Cel 2023, for this purpose it has made available the courts located in the recreational centers of Costa del Sol and Apulo, as another of the tourist offers for the vacation season.

The official invited the population to attend the inauguration of the Copa Cel 2023 to be held at the Costa del Sol Recreational Park.

"We aim to encourage the practice of sports in all our recreational parks. They are an engine for local economic dynamization", expressed the head of the ISTU.

On the issue of security, with the successful strategy of the Plan Control Territorial, without which tourism would not have the impact it has today. Between january and february, the ISTU registered an accumulated 1.6 million visits to the 15 parks it manages.

During the entire Holy Week vacation period, the tourism portfolio, formed by the Ministerio de Turismo, the Corporación Salvadoreña de Turismo (Corsatur) and the ISTU, expects to receive more than 575 thousand tourists.


Translated by: A.M