Friday, 04 November 2022 16:43

Economy Commission to invite BCR to study reforms to the Commercial Registry Law

Written by Evelyn Alas

The deputies that make up the Economy Commission received the files for the Reforms to the Law of Commerce Registry for the Banco Central de Reserva (BCR), to issue the Solvency of Registration of Statistical Information of Companies to be studied next week.

The Registry of Commerce is an administrative office under the national registry center, in which the registration of commerce, premises, agencies or branches and mercantile acts and contracts will be registered.

They explained that they will study the reforms to the Consumer Protection Law, in order to continue protecting the rights of the purchasers of goods and services. From the Economy Commission, they explained that they are legislating in favor of the pockets of salvadorans.

Congressman Rodrigo Ayala proposed to invite representatives of the Banco Central de Reserva and the Defensoría del Consumidor to the next sessions so that they may provide their technical contributions in relation to the files under study.

According to the legislators, the reforms to the Consumer Protection Law will solve a frequent complaint of buyers on the issue of product warranties, since companies do not respond in the absence of an invoice.

Economic agents will have to keep a digital and physical record of the goods purchased by the consumer so that it will not be necessary to present the invoice or the product warranty, in case there is a non-conformity.

In addition, the amendments are intended to empower the Defensoría del Consumidor to sanction businesses that refuse to respond to a buyer for not having the proof of purchase.