Tuesday, 06 April 2021 17:47

Amount invested in Mutual Funds reaches a total of US$262 million

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

Investment funds are designed to democratize investments, placing them within the reach of more people. The amount of capital required is lower in this modality, compared to direct and individual investment in securities.

Given the diversity of options that Investment Funds open to diversify money, the investor has in the long term better possibilities to obtain a higher return on their investments, and accumulate a larger patrimony for their future goals.

At the end of March, the Superintendence of the Financial System (SSF) reported that the amount invested in Investment Funds continues to grow, reaching a total of US$262 million, of which US$6.9 million correspond to closed Investment Funds and US$255.04 million to open Investment Funds, which reflects the confidence to invest and the right direction for the democratization of the stock market.

This modality gathers individual accounts of different amounts, thus creating funds that, due to their size, can invest in different financial products or real estate, thus diversifying and obtaining better yields, and risk management.

Investment Funds are for people who value the long term and plan for their future goals, they promote long term investments, seeking to obtain the best yield and that the invested capital grows over time.