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Travel tips for executive moms

Written by Denis Muñoz
Travel tips for executive moms Courtesy

The role of women in our society has been changing in recent years, and undoubtedly this has caused changes in the dynamics of salvadoran households, in which both parents have left home to develop professionally.

According to the Encuesta de Hogares de Propósitos Múltiples (EHPMI 2022) of the 2.9 million employed people in the country, more than 42.1% are women. Many of them lead companies, are top executives or are at the head of important state entities.

Over the years, the number of women in senior positions in El Salvador has been increasing. Managerial positions usually have a wide range of responsibilities that vary according to the organization, the size of the company and the sector in which they operate; however, it is known that these positions, because they oversee developing strategies and supervising teams, usually present the opportunity to travel more; therefore, more and more mothers must travel frequently.


 As part of Mother's Day, the expert shares 8 bus travel tips for moms:

  • To avoid mishaps and minimize stress, we recommend that executive moms plan their trips in advance. This includes reserving tickets to ensure availability and selecting schedules that fit their needs.
  • Use technology. We recommend that moms take advantage of the technological tools available to facilitate their trips, making use of online platforms or services to purchase tickets or choose their experiences. Autobuses Cristóbal Colón®, for example, has these facilities.


  • Pack smart. It is essential to learn how to pack efficiently and effectively to minimize stress and optimize the space in your luggage. We suggest mothers take only the essentials and use packing techniques that maximize space, such as rolling clothes instead of folding them.
  • Balance is key! Our recommendation for mothers is to maintain a balance between work and personal life, even when traveling on business. Try to schedule time to relax and enjoy the place you are visiting, either before or after work commitments.
  • In touch with family. If you are a mother keeping in touch with family while away can be comforting. Schedule frequent video calls or messages to maintain that connection.


  • Optimize time. If you are a mom who wants to make the most of your travel time, look for a transportation company that offers connections, so you don't run out of cargo, make important calls or catch up on pending tasks along the way. At Autobuses Cristóbal Colón we have these amenities, in addition to offering Wi-Fi on board, so mothers can stay connected and productive.
  • Comfort and wellness. Travel wellness is critical, especially for executive moms who face demands both at work and at home. We advise them to wear comfortable clothing and bring travel essentials, such as neck pillows and healthy snacks.
  • Safety and peace of mind. Safety is a top priority at Cristobal Colon. For the peace of mind of moms and all our passengers, we have highly trained drivers and vehicles equipped with advanced safety systems. Providing you with a safe and worry-free travel experience.


Translated by: A.M