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Horizonte, Neoen's CSR program in conjunction with FUSAL

Written by Sandy Velasco

Horizonte is Neoen's Corporate Social Responsibility program in its Capella Solar photovoltaic project, which has a projected investment of US$10 million over 20 years.

Its scope has been designed under a strategic focus, responding to the most significant needs of the communities that were identified using the Social Progress Index as a diagnosis.

Horizonte works in the municipalities where Capella Solar is located: Puerto El Triunfo, Jiquilisco and Ozatlán. Neoen, in alliance with FUSAL, develops the Programa Horizonte, generating social impacts in eight communities in the municipalities of Puerto El Triunfo, Jiquilisco and Ozatlán, in whose jurisdictions the Capella Solar photovoltaic project is located, which began last April to be injected into the salvadoran electrical network.

As part of Neoen's long-term investment in El Salvador, the cooperation agreement with FUSAL, signed in August 2018, consists of the execution of a 20-year social impact strategy, investing a projected US$10 million during this period.

In 2019, based on a vision of strengthening the benefits for families through strategic planning and design of Neoen's contribution, the Programa Horizonte began with the development of a diagnosis of living conditions in the area of influence.

The Social Progress Index (IPS) tool was used thanks to the coordination of the Social Progress Centre - a research and dissemination centre sponsored by the Fundación Poma  and the Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN).

In this way, we obtained the inputs to design an intervention consistent with the most significant needs of the families from these communities.

To develop this diagnosis, 520 households were surveyed out of a total of approximately 1,450 families. The average IPS value for all the intervention communities is 57.7, a value below the estimated IPS for El Salvador of 64.6, which means that more basic aspects need to be covered in order to enhance the well-being of these communities.

The IPS is a global indicator, on a scale of 1 to 100, that measures 52 indicators in the areas of basic human needs, foundations of well-being and opportunities, which show the relative performance of countries with the intention of raising the quality of discussion about national priorities, as well as guiding social investment decisions.

The first phase of the Programa Horizonte runs from 2020 to 2022 and focuses on interventions in the areas of health, education, and community support.

To achieve the expected results and sustainability, the Programa Horizonte is being coordinated with local actors in Puerto El Triunfo, Jiquilisco and Ozatlán: municipal governments, educational communities, health units, ADESCOS and other organizations involved in the area.

In order to achieve more benefit for the communities, the Programa Horizonte generates energy with other initiatives seeking the greatest impact for the welfare of families.

FUSAL's Primera Infancia Program also began its intervention in the communities served by the  Programa Horizonte, in 2020. Likewise, in partnership with the Fundación para la Educación Superior (FES), a program of educational quality is being developed in the schools in the area of influence.

Paolo Cartagena, general manager of Neoen in El Salvador, said "In our approach as long term investors in El Salvador, we are pleased that our contribution to the neighboring communities of our CapellaSolar project is based on the technical diagnosis of their most significant needs, having been able to design a work plan consistent with reality.

Capella Solar seeks benefits for the population that are strategic and capitalizable in the long term "we are enthusiastic to work together with FUSAL who has a long experience in the execution of social programs", said Cartagena.

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