Friday, 24 July 2020 21:18

Customs will reactivate the Trusted Operator program

Written by Sandy Velasco

The General Director of Customs, Gustavo Villatoro, said in a morning interview that El Salvador marked the innovative line in the region.

The reliable operator program is one of the best international practices developed in 2005 and 2006, because it provided facilities to companies that comply with their tax obligations, employers and financial, with the issue of security. The program was closed and as a consequence, the private sector lost confidence in the authorized economic operator.

"Our reliable operator program is like reconnecting us to this idea of the world with this tool that is given to companies with an export tradition, what we are looking for is to become attractive again, to give benefits”, said Villatoro.

With this program, the companies that participate in this program, will obtain a reduction of time in process to achieve an import of raw material or export of products.   

("The Reliable Operator Program"), is one of the components we have with

FOMILENIO II, which is the change of platform of 100% of SIDUNEA WORD or SIDUNEA Digital, with the advantage that we would be acquiring the last version, is much better at the level of transactionality”, expressed Villatoro.

The head of Customs highlighted that there is a regional component of the Northern Triangle and it is part of the news, in the sense that this program will be recognized by Guatemala and Honduras, which will allow us to have a contact in a neighboring country "as if we were local".

In addition, he reiterated the work of customs to combat tax evasion through the smuggling of goods. "We have made a forceful effort together with the PNC, and our border division to the whole area of commuters”, Villatoro said.

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