Thursday, 16 January 2020 19:37

LNB held the draw for MegaLote #167

Written by Sandy Velasco

The National Lottery of Charity (LNB) held the draw #167 of the MegaLote, which was held at Las Cascadas shopping center, in commemoration of Jhosse Lora's 48 year artistic career.

The activity began at 1:30 p.m., and was broadcast live on Radio Nacional 96.9 FM, as well as on Facebook Live, and on the website:

With music by the salvadoran artist, José Arcardio Aguiñada Rosa, better known as Jhosse Lora, the draw for Mega Lot #167 took place.

The base prize for MegaLote #167 was US$100,000 and it was called "MegaLote Los Jhosse Lora", although it was not sold, so it will be added to the next draw.

Each ticket was sold for US$25.00, and the twentieth one for US$1.25, with a structure of thousands of prizes between the urn, and its derivatives, in addition to the terminations.

LNB President Javier Milian said he was pleased to hold the draw dedicated to 48 years of artistic career, and hopes to celebrate to more salvadoran musicians, and artists. "We are happy to recognize the invaluable contribution to the national musical culture, where children and adults have danced their greatest hits to music”, said Milian.


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