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Huawei's Consumer Business Group opened its largest HUAWEI Health Lab to date to the media. The new 4,680 square meter facility in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, China representing a 200 million yuan I+D investment project will support more than 80 types of test requests for I+D personnel in fields such as professional research, ecosystem co-development and incubation of health and fitness scenarios, ultimately supporting the research, incubation and testing of Huawei's smart wearable products.

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Recent studies have found that digital infrastructure gaps and challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt the latest digital technologies are considered the main barriers to the growth of the digital economy, said industry experts at the Digital Innovation Day 2021 conference.

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Huawei announced the names of the 9 young salvadorans who were trained in advanced technology tools thanks to its Social Responsibility project Semillas para el Futuro El Salvador 2021.

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Huawei announced its plan to invest USD $100 million in support of startups at the opening of the HUAWEI CLOUD Spark Founders Summit, which took place simultaneously in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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In february 2020, Huawei sued Verizon alleging that the company used a dozen Huawei patents without authorization in areas such as computer networking, download security and video communications, seeking an unspecified amount of compensation and royalty payments.

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The multinational offers young salvadorans a digital experience around technological innovation and learning about chinese culture and its modern society.

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The new and innovative monitor can be found in HUAWEI stores and authorized distributors starting monday, june 28 at a price of US$199.00.

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