Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:56

MR. B Self Storage inaugurates the largest warehouse rental building in the region in El Salvador

Written by Evelyn Alas

With a mission to create more prosperous cities and foster more profitable and sustainable ventures, Mr.[B], formerly known as Mr. Bodeguitas, has been offering storage solutions to more than 10,000 homes and businesses for more than 20 years.

Mr.[B] opens the doors of the largest and most modern building in which they have invested in Central America, which is located in Paseo General Escalón, in San Salvador.

The leading warehouse rental company in Central America, with presence also in Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, inaugurated this new and modern structure which offers 750 warehouses from 1 m2 to 200 m2 and 11,700 m2 of construction on 10 levels.

The project has the highest standards of security, quality and modernity available in the industry, which allows us to offer a first class building that offers one that can be understood as a hotel for your things. This project offers, variety of spaces, spacious freight elevators, CCTV monitoring, fire system, well-lit facilities, roofed unloading areas, cargo handling equipment, access control app from your cell phone, a supply store for moving and packing products, a coworking area for customers included in their monthly service, and a world-class personalized service.

With this new proposal of bodeguitas, the Latin American group now has 14 facilities, 4 of them in San Salvador, maintaining the innovative service model and providing its customers with a premium, reliable and affordable option that adapts to the present and future needs of their home or business.

"We are proud to inaugurate the largest bodeguitas building in the region here in El Salvador. With this new chapter we reaffirm our promise to give our customers a space to live and to contribute to the development and entrepreneurship of companies and new business models, offering them safe, clean and accessible spaces", said Federico Rölz, CEO of Mr. B Self Storage.

He said that this cutting-edge model is designed so that families can enjoy more comfortable spaces in their homes, leaving the care of their valuables in expert hands, but also so that small and large businesses can count on an ally to scale their projects and create productive environments.

"Mr. B Self Storage is a business platform that promotes the growth of SMEs and e-commerce, due to the flexibility it provides to the user. In addition to placing inventory at their fingertips, these businesses have coworking areas and meeting rooms in the same place. These comfortable, pleasant spaces, in a central location and at no additional cost, are ideal for serving the customers of these small and medium-sized businesses and creating strategies to take their projects to the next level", he said.

For the convenience of users, they offer personalized service, flexible and digital contracts, multiple payment platforms, access 365 days a year, and property insurance included in the lease.

"We are the largest and most modern warehouse building in the region, which today opens its doors in El Salvador, with storage spaces according to the individual needs of each client. If you need a place as small as a closet, we have it; but there are also options as large as a warehouse. At Mr. B Self Storage you will have all the space you need, when you want it, for as long as you need it", said Ernesto Zachrisson, Chairman of the company.

In highlighting the benefits of this project, Rölz detailed that the company has focused its strategy on constant improvement and uses technology as an ally to focus on exceptional service, raising industry standards, guaranteeing an experience similar or superior to the main warehouse companies in the United States.

Mr. [B] | bodeguitas, has set the course for the bodeguitas rental industry in Central America. In 1998 it opened its first branch in Guatemala, becoming the pioneers in the region to offer this business. Today it leads the region, with more than 4,000 bodeguitas in its portfolio.