Thursday, 10 June 2021 10:24

Local companies merge talent to pave the way to do international business

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

The global trend of merging talent, experience and methodology is making its way in El Salvador, where business groups, such as IdeaWorks International and Influencia Digital, and Distribuidora Limeña and Comercia Marketing, have presented a new business holding.

Providers of web development services, mobile app development and business innovation consulting, which will be the platform to launch into the conquest of international markets, with emphasis on the United States.

IdeaWorks, a brand recognized in the country for offering digital agency services and web development, which enjoys the support of a track record of more than 10 years, has transferred its experience, innovation methodologies, knowledge, creativity and technical skills to Influencia Digital for more than five years.

"With the training that IdeaWorks has developed for Influencia Digital, we are fully prepared to boost this company and lead it to become a global hub that will accompany clients in the creation of their own innovation routes, now with Comercia Marketing", said Rodolfo Salazar, technology consultant, CEO and President of both companies.

Comercia Marketing is also a business partner of Influencia Digital and IdeaWorks, which specializes in finding business internationally. They are also partners with Distribuidora Limeña, a market leader in innovative solutions, continuous improvement, customer service and productivity that have certainly joined the list of companies that are setting the pace in innovative solutions.

"It has set its eyes on Influencia Digital for having a human talent that inspires, which has a great capacity to innovate and present disruptive solutions in the competitive market of technologies, media and digital developments", said,Johan Madriz, CEO and President of Limeña.

Through this partnership, the holding companies seek to transcend geographical boundaries with its portfolio of services, which are totally focused on clients being the protagonists of their own innovation process, through the support, strategies and tools that its consultants provide them.

Rodolfo Salazar also pointed out that the benefits will not only be seen in terms of scope and achievement of new business, but also in the specialization of local talent, which will have better opportunities to specialize in what they enjoy doing and contribute their know-how to those who rely on their services.

As of today, both companies start an important business relationship to turn their brand into a focus of attention.