Tuesday, 17 December 2019 23:32

Conamype held innovation fund competition for Mypes

Written by Sandy Velasco

The National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (Conamype) awarded a total of US$34,000 in competitive innovation funds to Mypes. The first prize will be US$10,000, and the rest (six Mypes) a prize of US$4,000 each.

A total of seven were the Mypes awarded by Conamype in concept of innovation funds so that they can implement innovative concepts with added value and if these demonstrate the potential to increase their productivity in order to be more competitive.

The projects that Conamype took into account for the contest were the most innovative in products and services, processes and marketing. In addition, the Mypes had to be legally constituted with a minimum of two years of economic operation. Be within one of the participating sectors: Industry, Information Technology, Handicrafts, Footwear, Textiles and Clothing, Tourism and Agriculture. Through the Plan Cuscatlán, the Mypes are projected software developers, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, big datas, specialists in quality, risks and this area.

The winning Mypes

Bernandre Food; La Ostumeña; La Vela de Santa Barbara de R.L, Asociación Cooperativa de Producción Pesquera y de Servicios Multiples; UDP Industrias Valle; Asociación Cooperativa Juventud Rural del Bajo Lempa de R.L.; Vitamiel and Helados Artesanales de S.A. de C.V. The Mypes being winners of the contest committed to several requirements of the Conamype that must be reported from time to time to show the progress of the same.

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