Aldeas Infantiles SOS El Salvador launches the “Transforming the lives of children and their families is in your hands!” campaign, in response to the call for help of children who are cared for by a situation of abandonment.

As part of its corporate social work, LLAOLLAO launched its “Topping de Amor” campaign, a project that is developed in partnership with Fusal.

One of the most important economic decisions that a family makes is the purchase or rental of a house, and to achieve this, it is necessary to take into account different factors for the search and purchase experience to be successful, and satisfactory.

SISA aware of the difficulty to transit through the traffic of San Salvador, launched a social action to consent to salvadorans called: “Change Route”.

The Social Fund for Housing carries out the Cliente Puntual 2017 Promotion, which fosters a culture of responsible payment and recognizes the effort of the clients to keep their loan up to date and, with it, to keep their family assets safe.