Thursday, 22 November 2018 15:04

Salvadoran entrepreneurs participated in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Written by Dinero
Salvadoran entrepreneurs participated in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Courtesy

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), is a world movement based in New York that officially established that every November 19 will be celebrated worldwide the day of women’s entrepreneurship. The movement seeks to promote and highlight the relevance and the leading role of women in productive life, the economy, and the development of society.

WED has enhancement worldwide and for the third consecutive year, a meeting that brought together more than 300 women was held in El Salvador, on November 17.

The main presentations were given by Rodolfo Salazar and Marco Guirola. Rodolfo Salazar is founder and current CEO of Ideaworks International, the first 100% digital agency in El Salvador. He presented the “Digital Entrepreneurship - Challenges and commercial opportunities of digital transformation”, theme.

The president of Pagadito Group, Marco Guirola, also was one of the main speaker. He was named as one of the 10 most influential people in Central America in Technology, and Innovation issues.

Prior to the main presentations, women entrepreneurs will participate in workshops where they can receive information on important topics such as: stress management, financial advice, legal advice, network management, personal brand management, etc.

“Part of the mission of WED is to support the 250 million girls living in poverty, and empower the 4 million women of the world to be catalysts of change in business, to be able to achieve it in our region it is important to join forces and that is what we are looking for with this event”, the Ambassador WED El Salvador, Marta Sigarán said.

WED encourages business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, dignitaries, innovators and change generators to start startups, mobilize economic expansión, and advance opportunities globally.

WED has more than 300 ambassadors and more than 35,000 members around the world. The pillars of the movement are to celebrate, promote, achieve relationships, empower, support, inspire, and promote all the women who, in either case, have a project of entrepreneurship that they want to carry out.

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