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Prices of basic grains, flour and sugar rise, according to Defensoría del Consumidor

Written by Cindy Moreno

Some products of the basic food basket and other basic necessities have registered an increase in prices, according to the last price survey report made by the Defensoría del Consumidor on January 28th.

One of the products that have been this effect is soft wheat flour, which currently costs US$15.51, while at the beginning of the year its value was US$15.25, that is, it reflects a $0.26 increase. A different situation is registered in the strong wheat flour, which currently costs US$14.75 while at the beginning of the year it cost $16.25, which means a decrease of US$1.50.

Another product that has increased its price is sugar, which at the beginning of the year cost $46.00 per quintal, and in the report its price is $48.00, which means an increase of $2.00 per quintal.

Another product that has increased its price considerably is corn, according to the last report it has a cost of $17.47 and at the beginning of the year $14.74 per quintal, that is, an increase of $2.73 per quintal. Compared to last year, this product has suffered a significant increase, which has been around $3 and $4 dollars per quintal. The report also reflected an increase in the price of Red Silk Beans and Red, at the beginning of the year the price of a quintal of Red Silk Beans was $60.00 and the Red at $57.00, a relatively "low" price.

According to the last report the Red Silk Beans were found at $70.00 per quintal and the Red Beans at $65.00 per quintal, that is, both varieties of this bean reflected an increase of $10.00 and $8.00 respectively.

Dinero.com.sv conducted a survey in basic grains sales, where it was found that businesses have perceived an increase in the products they distribute.

One of them is Cereales Nelly, located in San Salvador, where they report that the increase in grain prices has been registered at the end of December.

The administrators indicated that the increase has not been as deep as stated by the Defensoría.

In this regard, they said that they buy from local distributors with whom they can fix certain prices.

"When prices increase, our clients get upset because we do not warn them, but the increase of prices happens suddenly, and it does not give us a chance to warn them", they said.

They said that: "according to us it has not gone up, we maintain the prices of beans, corn has gone up 20% per quintal, and white rice prices are maintained".

Meanwhile, in the local identified as grain sales "El Shaddai" indicated that the increase "is not much", because it is only "a dollar" that has become a trend at the beginning of the year since 2019.

In this local they blame on this occasion that grains increased, due to the massive importation of these products by the government.

They explained that international distributors have some suspicion that the government sells the grains cheaper and does not give them a chance to get a competitive price.

They indicated that the bet in the acquisition of the products is for the national producer, otherwise they are supplied in Nicaragua.

What they did accept was that, in the price of concentrates, the story is more complicated because these have increased between them: the concentrate for cattle and soybeans for cattle has risen.

They said that another product that is expensive is the oil that previously the "cylinder" was worth US$24 while now it is valued at US$30, in box the bottle cost US$22, and now it is US$27.

An attempt was made to obtain the position of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), but its communications team did not provide the information and the competent authorities indicated that they needed authorization to be able to provide a statement when in doubt.


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