Wednesday, 10 May 2023 01:19

30 out of 100 people will give cake, clothes, flowers and money on Mother's Day

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Defensoría del Consumidor presented on monday the results of the survey of habits and consumption preferences of salvadorans on Mother's Day.

In addition, digital survey conducted in the period from april 19 to may 4, 2023, among the habits and preferences of consumers 37% choose as a gift for mom a cake, 33% clothing, 29% cash, 26% roses or floral arrangement, 22% lotions and creams, 21% footwear, 18% personal accessories and 12% gift cards.


48% of salvadorans are planning to spend more than US$30 and less than US$60, 22% less than US$30, 17% between US$60 and US$90, and 13% more than US$90.

Sixty-seven percent will take advantage of promotions, offers and discounts to purchase gifts for mom.

Six out of ten consumers (59%) will make their purchases in cash, 24 X will pay with debit card and 13% with credit card, while 3% with store cards, points and bank transfer.

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82% of those surveyed will celebrate Mother's Day, while 75% consider it a very important holiday. 40% expressed that they will celebrate out of gratitude and 34% responded that mom deserves it, while 15% are motivated by tradition or custom, among other answers.

The president of the Defensoría del Consumidor, Ricardo Salazar, informed that 57% of salvadorans will celebrate mom with a meal at home, followed by 25% who will do it in a restaurant, a family outing 10% and a meal at home 9%.

The most preferred meal time, with 60% of the responses, is lunch, according to the survey in which 546 consumers participated, of which 66% are women, and 34% men.

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Where do they shop? 73% of Salvadorans shop in shopping malls, 16% in department stores, 13% in supermarkets, and 8% in markets.

A 40% of respondents who expressed that they make purchases in e-commerce, detailed that they do it in social networks 15%, online stores 11%, websites 11%, and applications 3%.


Translated by: A.M