Wednesday, 20 January 2021 19:46

Government makes effective the increase to the minimum pension

Written by Dinero Staff

The National Institute of Public Employees' Pensions (INPEP) reported that at least 25,000 pensioners received the increase to the minimum pension as of January 14, 2021.

The increase to the minimum pension is $304.17. In a press release, the institution denied the statements made by political actors in the media.

Meanwhile, the deputies of the Finance and Special Budget Commission, in their work session this week, learned of the files containing three vetoes of the Presidency of the Republic to an equal number of legislative decrees. In this respect, the deputies decided to ratify them (overcome the veto) in the next plenary session. This will require the support of 56 legislators, as established in Article 138 of the Constitution of the Republic.

Two of the legislative decrees to be ratified are 800, and 803, which were approved in the last plenary session of 2020, regarding the ratification of a loan with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), for $50 million, and another for $250 million, from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The resources of these credits - established in the decrees - were destined to finance specific items of the General State Budget for 2021, among them, the increase to the minimum pension, the development of projects by local governments and, according to what the legislators explained in favor of overcoming the vetoes, the financing for the acquisition of vaccines against COVID-19.

The other decree that could be ratified is No. 807, which contains Transitional Provisions to authorize local governments to use up to 50% of the funds allocated in legislative decrees No. 650 and No. °728 for the purposes established in the FODES Law. The latter allocated 191.7 million dollars to the municipalities, within the framework of the financing destined to face the emergency by Covid-19.

The deputies approved the elaboration of a favorable opinion, aimed at issuing a Transitory Provision to the Law for the Creation of the Fund for Economic and Social Development (FODES), in order to use 15% of the 75% of the resources allocated to activities corresponding to the collection, transfer and final disposal of solid waste.

Finally, the alternatives to be followed to overcome the formal defects pointed out by the Constitutional Chamber in the declaration of unconstitutionality of Legislative Decree No. 781 were evaluated, which in turn contained a reform to the destinations of Decree No. 640.


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