Tuesday, 25 August 2020 22:30

Business sector and government launch movement to raise awareness of use of biosecurity measures in reopening

Written by Sandy Velasco

After 157 days of confinement and no productive activity, the business sector and the government launched on the second day of the economic reopening the movement “Somos uno, somos El Salvador”, with the objective that the population reincorporates to its activities in a healthy way, and under biosecurity protocols.

On this day, the minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, in the company of other government and business sector officials who belong to the Economic Reactivation Table, announced the launch of "Somos uno, somos El Salvador", the movement that accompanies the #SinExcusas campaign, for a safe, and healthy economic reopening.

"Today, the Government and the business sector are joining together to attack head-on one of the greatest challenges the country has faced in its history, the Covid-19 pandemic. This movement will serve to raise awareness and sensitize salvadorans through the #SinExcusas campaign, where we seek that all salvadorans who now return to their work, take the importance of biosecurity measures”, said Hayem.

This initiative stems from the efforts within the framework of the Economic Reopening Table, and was born from the companies, who sought the support of the Government to work together.

"We are at a decisive moment for El Salvador; in view of the economic reopening, today more than ever, it is important to join efforts, and comply with biosecurity measures, being responsible in taking care of ourselves and of everyone around us. From the economic perspective, El Salvador has also started to recover; we are starting to see some economic indicators that are gradually improving, even before the reopening has started”, said the minister of Economy.

Likewise, public officials detailed that the various productive sectors are innovating and reconverting to meet the new global demand. And that El Salvador was the first Central American country that managed to export quality medical textile inputs in the shortest time possible.

"Only by complying with sanitary and biosecurity measures, we will be able to protect the health and life of salvadorans, this will allow us to maintain our productivity and return to the growth path we saw at the beginning of the year", said Hayem.

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