Thursday, 20 December 2018 09:57

How many salvadoran SME´s made formalization procedures in 2018?

Written by Dinero

The formalization of microenterprises has become an issue that is becoming relevant in El Salvador, since according to data from the authorities, 70% of the MSEs that operate the country are in informality. CONAMYPE reported that during 2018, it barely dealt with 290 formalization procedures.

The autonomous presented the results referring to the attentions provided to the MSE´s during 2018, through the 6 programs that it implements with more than 34,000 services provided.

According to the data presented by the President of the institution, Ileana Rogel, a total of 290 formalization procedures of the MSE´s were attended.

In addition, 425 specialized procedures were registered, which include procedures before the Salvadoran Social Security Institute, authorization of invoices, among others procedures. 475 proceedings related to intellectual property were attended.

The data from CONAMYPE to 2005 indicate that 70% of salvadoran SME, are in informality.

According to a study presented in July of this year, it is estimated that there are 360,000 micro and small businesses (MYPES) in the country. In addition to having an economic weight of at least 35% to 38% of gross domestic product (GDP).

The head of CONAMYPE explained that through its programs the generation of around 5,000 jobs in 2018 has been propitiated while in 2017 they were located in the 2,343 jobs. In addition, the autonomous one reports US $12 million in sales of the SME´s in the different programs.