Thursday, 20 December 2018 09:51

Regulatory improvement and the elimination of bureaucratic barriers become laws

Written by Dinero

The Legislative Assembly approved on December 12, with 60 votes, the Law of Regulatory Improvement; and with 66 votes the Law of Elimination of Bureaucratic Barriers.



This approval fulfills one of the most important goals of the Millennium Challenge Agreement, signed between the Government of El Salvador, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, which gave rise to to Fomilenio II.

The Vice-president and technical secretary of the presidency and president of the board of Fomilenio II, Óscar Ortiz assured that "this legislation that has just been approved is a historic step in the framework of the modernization of the State, and is part of a great political dialogue between the public, and private sectors".

The Ad Hoc Commission to study the draft Law on Administrative Simplification issued a favorable opinion in the afternoon of Wednesday, after concluding the study, and final drafting of both bills.

Oscar Ortiz thanked the commission and said that this law "seeks to ensure a better service to citizens, how to generate better conditions to facilitate investment and the possibility that the private sector has the best environment to invest, and develop its different activities and produces more and better jobs, and above all that from public bodies,  we work to ensure that families and all those who undertake a business find, in the counterpart of public servants, always a practical, accessible mechanism, and more efficient".

The approval of the Law was made through a technical team - formed by the Legislative Assembly, representatives of the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency, the Ministry of Economy, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Fomilenio II, the Improvement Organization Regulatory (OMR) and the private sector, which participated in the review of three complementary projects to streamline the procedures performed by companies, and generate investment and, consequently, job opportunities, while they are trying to eliminate bureaucratic barriers that prevent progress in this aspect.

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