Margarita Bolaños

Margarita Bolaños

The representative of the MAG assured there will be a loss of 1 million quintals of corn because of the natural phenomenon.

The General Budget of the Nation for 2019 should be US $6,733 million, according to the project presented this Friday by the Minister of Finance, Nelson Fuentes to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly.

The economy of El Salvador grew by 2.5%, in the second quarter of 2018 (April-June),  which represents 0.9% less than that registered in the previous quarter (January-March), when growth was 3.4%.

El Salvador's First National Competitiveness Report points out weaknesses in the labor market by maintaining high rates of informality; in the fiscal environment when registering a low tax coefficient, the expenditure destined to innovation and development.

The General Director of Customs, Armando Flores said that after the incorporation of El Salvador to the Customs Union, they will analyze the need or not to enable new intermediate customs.

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