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BOLPROS registered business for US $70 million in 2018

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During 2018, the highest volume of business in the El Salvador BOLPROS Products and Services Exchange was registered in government purchases for an amount of US $58 million in the acquisition of goods and services, US $8 million more than in 2017.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 10:48

Discover how to plan expenses in this return to school

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The holiday period is very fast, and we recommend you make a plan to avoid financial setbacks in this return to school year, since it is required to pay tuition, transportation, uniforms, books, backpacks, supplies, and more.

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly approved with 83 votes in favor, the General Budget of the Nation for the year 2019, for an amount of US $6,713 million.

FUNDE said that a political agreement is necessary to authorize a necessary public indebtedness for 2019, otherwise the default would be inevitable at the end of 2019.

The Network of Researchers of the Central Reserve Bank (REDIBACEN) presented the results of the "Pension Reform: Main regulatory advances, and macroeconomic challenges" research.

The total number of businesses registered in the El Salvador BOLPROS Products and Services Exchange during the month of November was US $10.7 million in transactions between government, and private institutions.

El Salvador's fiscal deficit widened from US $222 million in October 2017, to US $427.9 million in the same month of 2018, which represents an increase of US $205.8 million (92.7%), the Economic Situation Report presented by FUSADES explains.

The Central American Institute of Fiscal Studies (Icefi) held "The 2019 Budget Project facing the crossroads of the change of Government" forum.

Authorities of the Social Inclusion Secretariat (SIS), the Development Bank of El Salvador BANDESAL, of the European Union (EU) and the Cooperation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, announced the extension of the FONDO MUJER Project through which all users of the Ciudad Mujer headquarters, may have access to credits for working capital.

Monday, 12 November 2018 13:41

Do you want to convert your remittances into savings?

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The largest percentage of the remittances received by salvadorans are used for household consumption, in the food, and clothing sectors. However, remember that you also have the opportunity to invest that money for the future.

For some people saving money is not easy, and they are always looking for a way to do it so that this does not affect the expenses they usually do.


If you are one of those who think that you can not save, that it is impossible because you do not have enough money, you are wrong!


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