Monday, 13 July 2020 21:51

The Minister of Housing presented bill to legalize the use of land and benefit 350,000 families

Written by Sandy Velasco

The Minister of Housing, Michelle Sol, presented this Monday in the Legislative Assembly the "Draft of the Special Transitional Law for the Regularization of Lotifications and Parcels for Housing Use".

"This bill will help many families to feel safe and secure, since they will have their deed of legality of the land where they live”, said Minister Sol, after delivering the documentation to the parliament.

According to data from Housing, at least 350,000 families from all over the country (more than one million people) are urging to legalize their lotifications, and obtain a deed that supports them as owners, which will be possible if the deputies approve the law that would be in effect for one year.

The law that protected these processes was approved on January 25, 2012 with a validity of six years, and then had an extension of two years, which expired last Monday, July 6.

The expectation of the head of Housing is that, in the next plenary session of the Assembly, the deputies can give their endorsement to this rule, and immediately begin this process.

"We call on the deputies of the different factions to give their votes for the approval of this law," said Sol. "We know of the anguish of these salvadorans, who after having paid, still do not have the deeds”, she said.

The commitment of this Ministry is that while the effects of this proposed regulation last, the 350,000 families will comply with all its procedures, and receive the corresponding legal documentation, which will allow them to "enjoy many benefits”, said the inister.

"People will be able to make modifications to their homes, and have access to loans. In addition to acquiring basic services, all thanks to having a deed", she explained.

 From June 2019 to July 6, 2020, the government of President Nayib Bukele has regularized the lots of 9,255 families.


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