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Promote savings through the use of digital products

Written by Sandy Velasco

Banco Davivienda presented its new product “Depósito a Plazo Fijo Digital”, which can be activated from Online Banking by logging on to

Banco Davivienda promotes the habit of saving among salvadorans by offering new financial products designed for various needs of savers, incorporating the 100% digital feature, since its opening, in order to avoid trips to its network of banking agencies, trying to preserve the health of customers during the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The financial institution continues to present innovations within its offer of savings products, offering advantages to its customers.

Davivienda launches the Depósito a Plazo Fijo Digital, a bank deposit in which the customer establishes the amount and term, obtaining a competitive return and the advantage of opening it through Online Banking (Personal Connection) by entering with their credentials through the site

Any person of legal age, even without being a Davivienda customer, can access this product; all you have to do is open a Mobile Account digitally, receive or transfer money to your account and from there arrange the amount for the Depósito a Plazo Fijo Digital.

Likewise, Davivienda launched its first 100% digital savings account: Cuenta Móvil. This is available for natural persons of legal age, who can obtain it from their cell phone or computer, so its benefits can be enjoyed from the comfort of the home.

No opening fee is required. Transactions of receiving or sending money to other banks and between Davivienda accounts are free. Cuenta Móvil offers non-card based fund withdrawals from the Davivienda App or using a debit card at ATMs or Financial Correspondents, and at teller windows at Davivienda Bank branches.

In November 2018, Davivienda launched DaviPlata, Davivienda's mobile application and savings account that offers the easiest, fastest and safest way to move money from cell phone to cell phone around the country. Among the advantages offered by DaviPlata are free transfers to other DaviPlata accounts, and withdrawals without a card, either at Davivienda ATMs or Financial Correspondents.

"The emergency by Covid-19 has reminded the world of the importance of the habit of saving in family economies in order to face contingencies. From our consolidated axis of innovation, and considering the need of our clients to protect themselves from contagion of this disease, in Davivienda we design and promote digital financial savings products, which offer great advantages to our clients, starting from staying at home for their opening and management", explained Mitzi Lara, manager of Affluent Banking of Davivienda El Salvador.

Davivienda's savings and investment portfolio also includes traditional products through which salvadorans can build their wealth, such as the Megahorra, and Flexible Accounts.

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