Friday, 26 June 2020 10:26

Pilsener launches: “Una por volver” to support small and medium sized entrepreneurs

Written by Sandy Velasco is the platform led by Pilsener that will allow consumers to double their money for future consumption of food and beverages in restaurants and bars, that have been impacted by the pandemic, in addition to obtaining products from the La Constancia portfolio delivered to their homes immediately.

The project combines technology resources, with the company's financial support in order to reactivate the economy, and sustainability of the affected small and medium-size business establishments.

"It is time to unite as salvadorans and as a brand we are joining the efforts for the orderly reactivation of the economy. We are supporting all those families that have been affected in their family income, due to the closure of restaurants and bars. The income flow will help give sustainability to these establishments and their employees waiting for the moment of their opening", said Rafael Villacorta, senior manager of Marca Pilsener.

The project, led by Pilsener, combines technology resources with financial support from La Constancia to favor the affected companies and their employees, through incentives that benefit consumers.

Through this project the consumer can purchase a coupon for future consumption in the participating establishments, and Pilsener will double the value of the coupon, and within the benefits the consumer will receive products from the La Constancia portfolio at home.

With this action the brand will be generating income to the establishments, which are still closed, so they can face their fixed costs, and the payment of their employees.

What is "“Una Por Volver”?

It is a free website of easy navigation, through which the consumer over 18 years old acquires coupons of US$5, US$10, or US$20, and for supporting your restaurant or bar, Pilsener will double the value and you will be sent, through HUGO App, 50% of the value of the coupon in products from the portfolio of La Constancia and the remaining 50% can be redeemed at the selected restaurant or bar when the opening time of that sector.

"We seek to provide an advance income to bars and restaurants that are closed, waiting to operate. Pilsener is the beer that unites all salvadorans and we thought it was appropriate to be able to demonstrate this with concrete actions to support our strategic partners”, said Villacorta.

The multiplier effect "We are a company committed to the community and our dream is to unite people for a better world. We are aware of the multiplying effect our company can have on all the establishments that obtain income through the sale of our products, and that is why we are very satisfied to be able to give our contribution to the country”, concluded Villacorta.

Una por Volver is a new initiative of La Constancia in search of supporting, reactivating and strengthening the economic dynamic. In April, the company launched its first reactivation initiative with to support small, and micro entrepreneurs. focuses on the sustainability of the economic dynamics and jobs generated by another part of its value chain composed of small and medium enterprises in the bar, and restaurant sector.

Join this initiative on social networks: @pilsenerelsalvador on Facebook, @pilsener_sv on Instagram and @PilsenerSV on Twitter, and with the #Hashtag: #UnaporVolver #PilsenerSV