Wednesday, 07 April 2021 20:31

Nissan shares the first lines of the new "Nissan Kicks"

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

The design of the new Nissan Kicks reflects the talent of the creative minds of the Nissan Design Center in Latin America, who were inspired by their environment and nurtured by their dreams, experiences and aspirations to create a vehicle 100% attitude.

Nissan Kicks represents the brand's interest in offering Latin Americans an accomplice with which they can face the challenges of everyday driving, as it does with every proposal it makes.

The design of Nissan Kicks not only meets the needs of users, but also represents in an iconic way the design trends that Latin Americans like.

The new Nissan Kicks was designed for those who accept the challenge of taking control of their lives and activate their attitude when behind the wheel. It is a vehicle that reflects the passion for driving and for technology, a fundamental part of its equipment, which provides safety and confidence.

Nissan Kicks has positioned itself as one of the leaders in its segment thanks to its cutting-edge design, advanced safety technologies and a smooth, comfortable and fun ride.

The new Nissan Kicks 2021, was recently presented in Mexico with a transformation to its attractive design and new safety and connectivity technologies.

John Sahs, Design Director of Nissan Latin America, leaves a part of himself when he immerses himself in a creative process. In this way he gave life to the new Nissan Kicks, whose traces will be distributed throughout Latin America and the world, which this crossover travels.

In each stroke, in each decision, in each color and texture chosen to create the new Nissan Kicks, the experiences, knowledge and roads traveled by the design team are glimpsed.

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