Tuesday, 28 February 2023 22:44

People will now be able to join CRECER digitally and seamlessly

Written by Evelyn Alas

Responding to the needs of salvadorans and in a world where time management is increasingly important, CRECER has implemented a 100% digital membership process, which can be done from a computer, tablet or cell phone, anytime, anywhere.

With the objective of providing added value to the population, CRECER offers its membership online, free and in 6 simple steps: 1) Enter bit.ly/AfiliaciónDigitalAquí and fill out the application; 2) Personal information; 3) Work information; 4) Upload documents; 5) Origin of funds and; 6) Verify information and accept service contract. During the whole process they will receive support from one of their agents from the same page or they can also write to the WhatsApp number 6161 2222.

To carry out this process, people must have ready an image of their DUI, Resident Card or Passport, and proof of affiliation to the ISSS, if they have it. If the person is not employed, he/she can still affiliate and the obligation to contribute will begin when he/she is in an employment relationship.

Thus, upon being hired, they will have the advantage of having a pension savings account into which their contributions and those of the employer will be deposited.

With this new service, CRECER seeks to bring its services closer to the young population that is about to enter the labor market and motivate them to save for their old age, which is a way to build a better future for them and their families.

When you contribute with CRECER you have a host of benefits among which are multiple discounts in allied businesses, personalized attention in digital channels, advice on financial education through the program "Tiempo con Tus Finanzas", interesting content aimed at young people on the platform "Talento Sí Hay".

In addition, once they start contributing, CRECER offers the opportunity to have Ahorro Previsional Voluntario (APV), an option to save and invest voluntarily.

With the Dynamic Plan, users can achieve medium and long-term goals: vacations, a house premium, a car, among others.

For more information about the 100% digital affiliation, users can write the phrase "I want to affiliate" on WhatsApp and learn about the alliance program at the following link: http://bit.ly/EmpiezaAhorrandoConCrecer