Tuesday, 23 August 2022 03:18

Simplify your life with SmartHQ technology

Written by Alonso Zuniga and Evelyn Alas

GE Appliances is driving innovation in the appliance industry, expanding its smart appliance portfolio in the last year with several "breakthrough" products, including Cafe Kitchen Hub, Remotely Operated Ovens, Refrigerators remotely dispensing just the right amount of hot water, and more.

GE's range of brands has more than 450 connected appliances, more than anyone else in the industry from refrigerators, induction cooktops, ovens, ovens, hoods, to dishwashers.

We want to give our consumers total control of their home.

Café and Monogram smart appliances work with a wide range of partners in the cooking industry to simplify our homeowners' daily lives and give them a whole new way to cook family meals, do everyday tasks, save time, cook like a pro and improve the performance of their appliances.

Monogram takes inspiration from the modern world, through innovation and high technology, recreating unique experiences through luxury and design products that show a kitchen with character, created by experts for the most demanding creators. Café, a prestigious line for food lovers that combines technology, aesthetics and power, typical of the great restaurants, and adapts them for you to enjoy them daily at home.

Our SmartHQ application provides a simple experience to remotely operate and control the wide range of Café and Monogram smart appliances.

Connecting your smart appliances to your home WiFi makes life easier.

You can monitor and control your appliances from almost anywhere while having peace of mind knowing you will receive an alert when your appliances need service or attention. Plus, ongoing software updates ensure that your devices improve over time with new and enhanced features.

Monogram's column refrigerators and freezers have a clean, sober and elegant design, in addition to preserving food at different temperatures according to their nature, they have six sensors distributed throughout the interior, while remaining friendly to nature.

With SmartHQ, the user controls the water and ice dispenser, open door alarm and security lock; it will also allow monitoring the change of filters and lighting.

Monogram's newly renovated and redesigned ProRange, with stainless steel casing, features gas flow safety lockout to prevent accidents, high cooking power, with burners from 5,000 BTUs to 23,000 BTUs.

Perfect for a busy lifestyle, WiFi-integrated capabilities allow remote activation of cooking functions, such as preheating the oven, setting timers, activating Chef Connect and more.

Built-in ovens with True European Convection, perfectly synced with a busy lifestyle, Alexa or Google Home can be used to control a range of oven functions from inside and outside the home. SmartHQ provides sensor cooking monitoring for healthier cooking, where time and power are adjusted.

Monogram and GE Café, with smart technology such as SmartHQ, favor the experts of haute cuisine, achieving great results thanks to the innovation of these products at the time of use, simplifying the processes in the kitchen.