Monday, 22 November 2021 13:14

FUNDACIÓN GLORIA KRIETE celebrates 15 years of Premio Ayudando a Quienes Ayudan 2021

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Fundación Gloria Kriete (FGK) presented this thursday the Premio Ayudando a Quienes Ayudan 2021, in the NGO category, a recognition that includes financial support for non-governmental and non-profit organizations that develop projects of social benefit, with transparency and excellence.

The 10 finalists in the NGO category are: Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir, Asociación para la Organización y Educación Empresarial Femenina de El Salvador (OEF/ES), Fundación Campo, Asociación Proyecto RED, Fundación Nuevos Horizontes para los Pobres, Asociación Red de Comunidades El Salvador- Norteamérica ESNA, Asociación Agua Viva, Asociación CESAL, Fundación Redentor and Fundación Sus Hijos.

All received awards during the gala.

The big winners in this category were Asociación Agua Viva, thanks to its project "Without water, Covid wins the battle", which received $100,000; Fundación Campo, which won $75,000 for its food security project; and Asociación para la Organización y Educación Empresarial Femenina de El Salvador (OEF/ES), with a $50,000 prize for its project "Back to school is a blessing".

In addition, the Fundación J Borja presented a $50,000 award to Asociación Proyecto RED and Asociación Red de Comunidades El Salvador-Norteamérica (ESNA). Fundación Sus Hijos received US$10,000 for the Dona Tu Cora Award. The other finalists received US$10,000 each.

"The Premio Ayudando a Quienes Ayudan was born out of the conviction that there are people who know the territory, who know the community leaders who have their hearts in their work and with whom we can find a synergy to continue helping more sectors in a more efficient way. In this way we are able to mobilize resources on a larger scale that benefit the achievement of common objectives", said Roberto Kriete, president of Fundación Gloria Kriete.

"The search to unify efforts for social development is what gave life to the Premio Ayudando a Quienes Ayudan, to strengthen ties with the social sector and with salvadoran companies committed to generate social capital and thus promote the strengthening and impact of Civil Society Organizations and the integral development of people and communities in vulnerable conditions", said Kriete.

This is the 15th edition of the award. In the 14 previous editions, there have been 110 winning projects in the three modalities, and these winners took advantage of the awards received to further promote their work, becoming agents of change with greater impact. All of them are part of our network of allies to continue this joint work in favor of a better country.

"We are convinced that this network of allies is, in turn, a network of multiplier agents of development, so we applaud the success of their respective initiatives, in the great project of a better country that together, we are building.

On our part, we are committed to continue working together for El Salvador, let's continue building a better country, let's focus our efforts on promoting the closing of gaps and social development by transforming the conditions of the most vulnerable", said Fernando Kriete, member of the Board of Directors of the Fundación Gloria Kriete.

During the Awards Ceremony, the work of 35 institutions that received the 43 historical awards in the NGO category was highlighted, and each of them was presented with an award.

In addition, the sustained support of different entities during these 15 years was also acknowledged.

"The Foundation recognizes that there is much to be done and that it is essential to join forces in order to do more. The Award is collaboration between organizations. That is why the mission has been to collaborate with other entities and people who share the same vision: to help each other as compatriots to build a better El Salvador. The Foundation has come a long way, but it has only been possible because of the collaborative work with each entity and organization awarded", said Juana Jule, executive director of the Fundación Gloria Kriete.

The Premio Ayudando a Quienes Ayudan was presented on monday, november 15, awarding prizes ranging from US$5,000 to US$15,000 to the 18 finalist organizations. With great projects such as the Asociación de Desarrollo Comunal Paz y Desarrollo, Caserío Las Raíces (ADESCOPAZYD) in Morazán, they were the winners in this category, with the funds received they will be able to improve the multipurpose community house, benefiting an entire community in which they attend the Child Welfare Center, it also serves as a medical center and other community activities.

The Social Entrepreneurship category was awarded on tuesday, november 16, with surprise prizes awarded to the 13 finalists and four of them selected for the main prizes. First place was awarded a fund of US$30 thousand granted by the Foundation plus an in-kind prize valued at US$50 thousand in services by Applaudo Studios went to Línea Rosa.

The complete list of winners is available on the Foundation's website or on its social networks.

Premio Ayudando a quienes Ayudan was born 15 years ago as a way to strengthen a network of organizations that are transforming El Salvador. The contribution of each of these organizations is essential for the progress of El Salvador, who, from different fields of action, carry out actions aimed at contributing and joining efforts to help other people and contribute to a more just and supportive world.