Wednesday, 08 July 2020 22:34

Fedecrédito and Hábitat para la Humanidad will build 165 homes for people affected by tropical storms

Written by Sandy Velasco

Sistema Fedecrédito is in solidarity with salvadorans affected by storms Amanda and Cristobal, making an alliance with Hábitat para la Humanidad El Salvador where they will build 55 concrete houses and repair 110 roofs, a project that will invest US$632,500. Benefiting 165 families in total.

As part of the actions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and reaffirming the commitment to support salvadorans, Sistema Fedecrédito, formed by the Cajas de Crédito, los Bancos de los Trabajadores, its Federación, Seguros Fedecrédito and FEDESERVI, has decided to contribute to this project with an amount of more than US$482,725.

In addition, thanks to the solidarity of salvadorans who joined in with  donations, a total of more than US$29,774 was raised.

Hábitat para la Humanidad El Salvador will be in charge of building homes and repairing roofs, and will also contribute the amount of US$120,000 for the work, that will benefit 165 families affected by the storms.

"We are pleased to confirm that together we are stronger, because with this contribution we are making, the help of salvadorans who joined us with their donations and the support of Hábitat para la Humanidad El Salvador, we will be able to help many salvadoran families recover their homes to improve their quality of life”, said the president and CEO of Sistema Fedecrédito, Macario Rosales Rosa.

The Executive director of Habitat El Salvador, Ernesto Tobar, commented on his satisfaction with the project that will be developed in conjunction with the Sistema Fedecrédito. "As a humanitarian organization, we are committed to providing families with a safe place to live, being the fundamental basis for families to begin their recovery cycle after this disaster.

"The collaborative partnership we are signing today between Sistema Fedecrédito and Hábitat para la Humanidad El Salvador, will provide a safe housing solution, as well as training in financial management and disaster preparedness”, said Rosales.

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